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Become a CNO in Your Business

A What? CNO … in other words a Chief Networking Officer. I recently blogged on the topic of networking … and then looked to BNI founder and networking virtuoso, Ivan Misner to see what he had to add to the topic. We are of the same thought that adopting the mindset of a CNO will […]

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What’s Wrong with My Emails

You’ve just done an analysis of your latest e-mail campaign and discovered that your conversion rate has plummeted yet again. It leaves all marketers asking the same question. You’ve written the perfect sales letter and everything seems to be right with the message, but you still can’t get a decent response rate. It is not […]

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Color and Brand Go Hand-in-Hand

Color and brand go hand-in-hand … when we designed the Conveyance logo and designed and built our website, we put a lot of thought into what we would be saying through color. Our business name is represented in two different tones of blue. Blue depicts productivity; people focused on the task at hand, steadfastness, dependability, […]

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Knowing Your Customer is so Important

Knowing your customer is so important … that sounds like a no-brainer right? Well, I have run into so many businesses that just don’t take this to heart – both large and small companies! While you may have thousands of names and contact information to keep track of, your clients only has one – YOURS! […]

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Networking 101

A long time ago when I was a new working mother, I read everything I could find on work-life balance. I ran across one piece of advice that I have taken to heart and practice like a religion. Schedule and reach out to your VIPs once a month Make a list of the people you […]


Is it September Yet???

Conveyance is a “virtual marketing organization” or as we say for short around here, “a VMO.” Each of us work from our homes or small shared office spaces in our own cities. We look, act and feel like we are just a few steps from each other in an adjoining cubes or offices. But our […]

Client Relations Marketing Strategy

Outsourcing Marketing Leads to Better Quality and Lower Costs

The idea of outsourcing marketing, at least beyond advertising, is a relatively new concept. Businesses traditionally outsource several corporate functions such as IT and HR but why has it taken marketing so long to catch on? I think it’s the old right-brain vs. left-brain adage … in this information age where one-to-one marketing has become […]