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Blogging and Content Marketing are not SEO

We’ll let you in on how Blogging, SEO and Content Marketing work together. In our line of work, we see a lot of confusion when it comes to blogging, content marketing, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Writing a blog or placing the popular term “content marketing” on a proposal, sales collateral or website does not mean […]

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Branding – Words Matter!

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” Benjamin Franklin knew the importance of words. In marketing, words are influential and valuable; they should convey who your business is by promoting your brand. And just like all other branding efforts, your words need to show consistency, differentiation, and customer focus to be effective. […]

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The Internet Is a Zoo: The Ideal Length of Everything Online

We get questions about social media, hashtags, email, blogging, and domain names all the time … how long, how often, when, why, which platform is best. We are active SumAll clients and came across this handy infographic (printable too!) that visually demonstrates the ideal length for everything digital. Conveyance Marketing Group is a marketing and […]

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Convey It – Copywriting Tool Chest

Here’s the skinny on topic generation, titling, and voice When it comes to writing copy for content marketing campaigns, blogs, and website content, some days you enjoy a wonderful flow of ideas but other days you stare at the screen for hours hoping for some kind of inspiration. We’ve all experienced days like these. And […]

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Being a Good Neighbor

Corporate giving is something that is really important to my generation and those coming up after me. It says a lot about the company you work for if they not only encourage their employees to give back also organize company-wide volunteering. This sends a message that your company is being a good neighbor and creates […]


One Word. How will you start 2015?

The curtain is about to fall on 2014. Most people are looking back to see what was successful, what wasn’t and how to change that for the New Year. As you start making your list of resolutions for 2015, ask yourself this; are these the same resolutions I made last year? If your answer is […]

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Success in Social Media

Let’s face it; the social media landscape can be overwhelming and sometimes downright confusing even for the most seasoned veterans to navigate. Formats change, new features are added, and sites like Pinterest seem to appear from nowhere and rapidly rise to prominence. Don’t Just Roll the Dice When it Comes to Social Media To stay […]

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Facebook Moms

While Pinterest might be the new kid on the block in terms of marketing potential, it’s still no match for the power of a “Facebook Mom.” Moms lead the pack when comes to liking brands on Facebook, according to a recent survey by Burst Media. Fifty eight percent of moms follow or like brands on […]