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Leveraging the Strength of Integrative Marketing Solutions

Conveyance Marketing Group is the marketing department for our clients that don’t already have one and an extra set of hands for our clients that do.

Our clients come from a variety of industries, specialties, and sizes; and include visionary tech start-ups, nonprofit organizations, government contractors, and thriving small businesses. Each have their own processes, preferences, and goals, but all share the same aspirations – they want results.

We’ll roll up our sleeves and partner with you to create plans that build brand recognition, increase visibility, build pipeline, manage leads, acquire customers and sell products.


Many of our clients are technology-centric and serve as disruptors within their markets. From start-ups with innovative hardware or software solutions to established consulting companies looking to define a new niche, we’ve seen it all.

When these clients come to us, they are just beginning to move their product or service from the research and development arena to the marketplace – what an exciting time.

They are masters at developing products and services that break the mold; but turning those product and services specifications into business value is often difficult for them – this is where Conveyance steps in. 

We know technology, you could say that we speak geek; we turn tech-talk and engineering lingo into business action for innovative tech start-ups. Most of the time venture-backed start ups are not quite ready to hire an internal marketing department so our VMO is the ideal solution for them.


In the B2B world, businesses poised on the edge of rapid growth need to move quickly to maintain market share and deliver on the promises made to clients. Additionally, you must convince prospects that you understand the challenges they face and demonstrate that you have a unique solution that will overcome their challenges and deliver ROI.

B2B selling is complicated because your prospects are in more places than they have ever been before. With dozens of marketing and digital marketing channels to choose from, the task of finding a home for your lead generation and client nurture efforts can be daunting.

Our VMO solution allows us to step in as a fully aligned outsourced marketing department that takes over the responsibility, management, and execution of specific projects or entire multi-channel sales and marketing initiatives while recommending strategies to manage your continued growth.


Competition is fierce in the government contracting world, which makes an effective strategy and tactical marketing plan essential for obtaining lucrative and highly-sought-after government contracts. This is where our VMO solutions come in.

We understand what it takes to win government contracts and the nuances of procurement rules and regulations. We do the research for our GovCon clients on where money will be spent, identify potential prime and subcontractors, and help in the RFI and RFP process.

We help our GovCon clients build brand awareness and focus on account-based marketing, content marketing, and multi-channel sales strategy to hone-in on what matters most to the decision-makers who award contracts.


Building brand awareness and communicating mission-value is crucial for non-profits; but they often operate with limited internal marketing resources and tight budgets.

NGO marketing  is different than most other types of marketing because they target multiple groups with different objectives: partners, customers, volunteers, and donors each have a different reason for being involved. 

We help them remain mission-focused and transform their objectives of raising awareness, raising funds, recruiting volunteers, and promoting their services into strategic, actionable goals while maximizing every dollar spent.

Being a good neighbor is a big part of our philosophy. Click here to learn how we cultivate generosity in our community.

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