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The Top Web Design Trends and Tips for 2017, Part 1

Not fads but the future of web design … Web design trends are constantly evolving. As we approach the midpoint of 2017, it’s time to see how things are shaping up for the rest of the year. Some trends have spilled over from 2016, while others are just now beginning to pick up steam. If […]

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Target Market Analysis – Know Your Generation

Baby Boomers • GenXers • Millennials • DIY When you are trying to market to new clients, it’s important to meet your target audience on their own terms. If you don’t approach your clients and prospects in a way that they can appreciate and digest, then you won’t be getting through to them at all. […]

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Web Branding: The Benefits of Top-Level Domains

Be one-step ahead of your competition when the new domain names catch on Within the past two years, ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has released more than 1,000 Top-Level Domains – TLDs for short. A TLD is simply a little word or set of letters that comes after the “dot” in your […]

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Using Web Design to Brand Your Small Business

A cohesive website design is crucial to branding The needs of small businesses are no different than those of larger corporations. Small businesses need to establish their brands in the marketplace just as much as the big guys, if not more. When you are talking about choosing between Coca-Cola and Pepsi, that’s one thing. But […]

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Trending Now: The User Experience

Here’s why is UX so important … User Experience (UX) is all the rage these days in the web world. Companies are hiring UX Designers to help them improve the way users interact with their sites, while maintaining User Interface (UI) Designers on staff, too. It all gets very confusing. Who does what? Why are […]