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Who We’re For…

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Conveyance Marketing Group is the marketing department for our clients that don’t already have one and an extra set of hands for our clients that do.

Our clients come from a variety of industries, specialties, and sizes; and include visionary start-ups, nonprofit organizations and associations, government agencies, and thriving small businesses.

We are picky about who we work with; we don’t take on more than one client per business category. Once the “seat” is full, that industry segment is closed.

Each of our clients have their own business processes, preferences, and goals, but all share the same aspirations – they want results. We help them build brand recognition, increase visibility, build pipeline, manage leads, acquire customers and sell products.

Here’s who we work with …

Director of Marketing High Tech Startup
Director of Marketing
High Tech Startup

Meet Stephanie … Stephanie the marketing director at a venture-backed, boutique technology firm in Northern Virginia. At her office, she is surrounded by aspiring entrepreneurs and engineers with innovative ideas, but little experience in creating the strategies and marketing deliverables necessary to turn their idea into a successful businesses.

Stephanie learned about Conveyance Marketing Group while researching marketing firms in the Northern Virginia-DC area that specialize in high-tech … turning tech talk into business action. She downloaded our whitepaper that described the merits of a repeatable marketing eco-system specifically designed for high tech firms in aggressive growth mode.

Stephanie chose Conveyance Marketing Group as her virtual marketing organization (VMO); a trusted resource and partner to help her attract, convert, and retain clients. We work with Stephanie to strategically develop her brand, corporate and product messaging, manage the Company’s digital presence, and develop the roadmap for successful client and vendor relationship building. With Conveyance as a key component of her team, Stephanie is able to step out of the tactics and run the marketing department.

Founder & CEO Consulting Firm
Founder & CEO
Consulting Firm

Meet Edward … Edward recently started his own business, a consulting firm that focuses on the skill-sets he has honed and developed throughout his successful career. His billable rate is $250/hour but prefers to work on a per-project basis. His target market is Fortune 500 and venture-funded technology and manufacturing startups. He has built a core team of senior-level consultants and academics to leverage his business model and support his billable/per-project rates.

Edward learned about Conveyance Marketing Group through a colleague. Prior to meeting Conveyance Marketing Group, he had some of his initial branding elements in place, but he felt they were somewhat amateur. Although he is a sole proprietor in start-up mode, his big-company tenure has taught him that marketing is a key driver for business success. Marketing services is a line item in his annual budget.

Conveyance Marketing Group is Edward’s marketing department. He engaged with Conveyance because marketing is not a skill-set he or his team possesses nor is he in a financial position to hire marketing personnel.

Entrepreneur Big Idea, Needs Funding
Big Idea, Needs Funding

Meet Ganesh … Ganesh has an idea, an idea that he wants to take to market. Before his lawyer puts him in front of bankers and investors, his messaging, pitch, and presentation needs some polishing.

Ganesh’s lawyer introduced him to Conveyance Marketing Group as they have helped several of his startup and microbusiness clients competently and credibly communicate their plan and pitch for a capital infusion.

The team at Conveyance worked with Ganesh to create a well thought out plan and professional presentation that enabled him to demonstrate his expertise, craft his story and the brand, and prove the viability of his business idea.

Ganesh was also excited to learn that the Conveyance services reach beyond the investment stage – by creating marketing solutions that help companies put into action plans to generate revenue, improve their service offering and nurture sales.

Director Non-profit Organization
Program Director
Non-profit Organization

Meet Rita … Rita is the Executive Director at a non-profit that supports children in the Mid-Atlantic Region. She was an elementary school teacher for fifteen years before getting involved with this organization as a volunteer. Rita has been on staff for eight years and was recently promoted to Executive Director.

Her goals are to target the most affluent areas within her geographical area to locate new and younger donors. She wants to find an audience that will be dedicated to their mission at a younger age so she can create cause loyalty. She also wants to increase visibility as their current volunteers are aging out of the program.

Rita was introduced to Conveyance Marketing Group through a local Chamber of Commerce Nonprofit Initiative that connects businesses with charitable organizations in need of specific services. With the assistance of Conveyance, the demographic Rita wants to reach was identified in the highest per capita income areas throughout the Mid-Atlantic. Together they are working on a strategic plan to attract new donors and volunteers and educate the community on who they are, what they do, how they help, and what their current funding and volunteering needs are.

Owner Local Small Business
Local Small Business

Meet Leslie … Leslie and her husband Jack own a small business providing professional services to Loudoun and Fairfax County. They have been in business for 12 years and have a staff of 15 dedicated employees.

They are passionate about their work and give back to their community. Leslie learned about Conveyance Marketing Group at a networking event while discussing her need for an updated website as well as refreshing their marketing collateral. Their current website, while functional, was outdated and not mobile responsive and their 12 year old logo looked like it was designed 12 years ago.

After reviewing Conveyance Marketing Group’s portfolio of websites and logo designs she met with the Conveyance team at their office and was very impressed with their creativity and web designs. Conveyance took the time to get to know them as a client and created a website and logo reflecting their business that will take them well into the future. Leslie now has a marketing partner who understands their business and can provide the marketing strategy and support they need to run their business.

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