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Storytelling through Social Media is highly effective. A recent example of an amazing storytelling scenario is the Starbucks red cup. But, more genius than the red cup is the widely know “campaign” in which baristas intentionally make errors in spelling the name of its customers. We see daily posts displaying botched names written on cups … red, white or other.

Starbucks customers branding their product, service and moniker – their followers post, tweet, and snap all about their brand! This is the goal of any business on social media, and at Conveyance Marketing Group we want you to be successful in your attempt to engage your audience.

Here is a list of some helpful articles to help you along your storytelling journey on social media! ‬

‪How to Get into the Hearts of Your Audience with Emotional Branding‬
‪Big companies have built their empires not on the products they make, but on the relationships they have with their customers. By adding an emotional dimension to their brands, they’ve managed to cultivate loyal advocates and legions of lifelong paying customers. Here is how they do it.

5 Ways to use Storytelling in your Social Media
‪Building your social media campaigns around stories helps you stand out from other brands, and grab the attention of consumers. In this article you’ll discover five ways to use storytelling in your social media marketing. Read More.

Trigger Emotional Response on Social Media‬
If content is fire, and social media is the gasoline, as Jay says, make sure you’re throwing the gas in the right direction. Learn to provide ignition for your content.

How to Tell a Story with Video‬
Telling stories with video increases engagement, triggers social sharing and gives people a reason to talk about you online and offline.  This article highlights eight ways to combine storytelling, video and social media. Read More.

We are happy to help you craft your story and distribute it using the proper social channels. Content marketing is what we do best.


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