Keyword research is the backbone of any SEO endeavor when trying to create a page that is search-engine friendly. Using certain types of keywords will help businesses build websites that are not only optimized for high-rankings, but also designed for a user-friendly search experience that will keep customers satisfied and on your website longer. Search Engine Journal lists the following groups of keywords that should be incorporated into any search-engine friendly website:

Base KeywordsThese form the basic foundation of your Keyword Research, to be used on the homepage and throughout the website.

Secondary KeywordsWhat keywords are your customers looking for? These are keywords customers will add to the base keywords while searching, also known as shopping keywords as the customer has narrowed their query and is more likely to purchase. These keywords help Google identify specific pages and also help customers navigate the site.

Supporting KeywordsSupporting keywords identify exactly what a customer is looking for, and are also known as buying keywords. If a customer is using these keywords, they more than likely know what they want and are ready to buy.

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