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Kristine Jacobson

Kristine Jacobson, Founder & CEO

Kristine Jacobson, Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Conveyance Marketing Group has more than 25 years of strategic marketing and communications experience in diverse industries ranging from software and telecommunications to professional services and non-profits.

Kristine provides consistent strategic leadership to her team and the clients of Conveyance Marketing Group.

She has held senior marketing positions with notable corporate leaders as well as emerging market contenders. Kristine offers expert marketing strategy with a touch of creative flair. Her extensive knowledge of strategic marketing, marketing plan execution, and branding illuminate the big picture without losing sight of the important details.


Laurie Daly, Vice President of Digital Strategy

Laurie Daly has more than 24 years of IT project management and information analysis experience.  Her project management experience includes working with teams of analysts, designers, developers and testers.

Laurie has extensive experience in providing senior management with analytical reporting for the status and health of corporate initiatives. At Conveyance Marketing Group she works with our Digital Media team to provide, identify and implement strategies to optimize our client’s websites and digital media assets.

Laurie provides strong operational and strategic leadership to the clients of Conveyance Marketing Group.


Kristin Crosby, Vice President of Content Strategy

Kristin Crosby is the voice of Conveyance. She is responsible for the development, implementation, and management of successful content marketing strategies for our clients.

She is an excellent problem solver who has the ability to interpret client objectives to develop crisp and compelling copy for marketing materials, technical case studies, white papers, thought leadership articles, web content, and blogs.

She can think both abstractly and analytically and is able to produce persuasive content to educate, drive engagement, and ultimately increase customer acquisition for our clients.

Jodi Mallon

Jodi Mallon, Vice President of Business Development

Jodi Mallon is our Vice President of Business Development and our chief evangelist; she has a passion for uncovering opportunities for our team to develop strategies to solve people, process, and technology challenges associated with customer experience and digital transformation.

She works with new and existing clients to understand their organizational goals and objectives, as well as partner with them to determine the best solutions to solve their business challenges and ongoing initiatives.

Her evangelism is contagious and she has opened many doors for Conveyance Marketing Group.


Sarah Hutchinson, Director of Finance and Operations

As Director of Finance at Conveyance Marketing Group, Sarah Hutchinson oversees all areas of finance and administration for the company, including accounting, forecasting, and budgeting.

She has excellent analytical, organizational and prioritization skills and a keen attention to detail.

She provides strategic analysis to senior management to determine project and company profitability.

Karen Parks

Karen Parks, Director of Client Success

Karen Parks is an accomplished project manager and client advocate, she has developed, implemented, and managed project plans for both small and large  companies.

She develops comprehensive project plans to track project performance and works directly with Conveyance clients to ensure that their deliverables fall within the applicable scope and budget.

Karen acts as liaison and coordinates with the appropriate departments to ensure all aspects of the project are compatible and complete.

She keeps and eye on the larger landscape without neglecting granular details while tracking project health, staying alert for risk and resolving issues as they arise.

Hannah Blankenship

Hannah Blankenship, Creative Director

Our creative work is developed under the discerning eye of classically trained Hannah Blankenship, Creative Director at Conveyance Marketing Group.

Hannah has experience in all elements of creative marketing from advertising to product design to illustration and interactive media design. Her overarching philosophy is less is more, except when it comes to the amount of creativity poured into an idea.

She is a conceptual thinker, outstanding visual and strategically focused designer.

She instills creativity in her team and they make beautifully simple designs that cut through the noise and help businesses and non-profits tell their stories.


Haydee LeTonja, Director of Social Media Strategy

Haydee LeTonja, Director of Social Media Strategy at Conveyance, uses her creativity, sense of humor, and inquisitiveness to inspire and manage her team in designing and implementing successful social media strategies for our clients.

She utilizes the most current social media tools to customize editorial calendars and syndication schedules, manage messaging and audience identification, and benchmark platform performance.

Haydee keeps up-to-date with continually evolving technologies in social media; this enables her to build brand awareness, engagement and drive traffic to clients’ social media platforms.

Brandon Shutt, Content Strategist

Brandon Shutt, technician at heart and Content Strategist at Conveyance, is an experienced and skillful writer who can tell compelling stories with insightful commentary.

He has excellent conceptual thinking skills and can clearly and persuasively explain abstract, technical, and creative ideas to various audiences through various marketing vehicles.

Brandon is a master at adapting to the voice of our clients. He has the keen ability to write compelling copy, both creative and technical, including marketing pieces, authored articles, use cases, website content, and blogs.


Susan Stewart, Digital Media Strategist

Susan Stewart is an accomplished analyst providing clients with strategic insight on the evolution of digital media.

She has developed, implemented, and managed Internet strategies for both small and large  companies, both locally and internationally.

She has taken on a diverse range of client campaigns and successfully tailored organic marketing strategies for each. Her specializations include creative writing, off-page campaign strategy development, research on industry-specific trends and events, on-page optimization, and reputation management.

Stefi Giordani

Stefi Giordani, Social Media Strategist

Stefi Giordani grew up with the Internet and was first in line to adopt, use, and live by social media. She is passionate about social media and always on top of the latest trends and newest apps.

Stefi has unsurpassed creativity with the ability to develop and execute a unique brand voice and digital footprint for our clients. She continually presents fresh, outside of the box ideas to the team and our clients.

When she is not busy tweeting, engaging, snapping and chatting, she assists our content team in blog writing and website content creation.

Kari Jacobson

Kari Jacobson, Social Media Strategist

Kari Jacobson, our resident Gen Z, she is of the generation first in line to adopt, use, and live by social media. She is on top of the latest trends and newest apps in social media and always knows where to find the most recent memes, compelling images, and video footage.

Kari has unsurpassed creativity with the ability to develop and execute a unique brand voice and digital footprint for our clients. She continually presents fresh, outside of the box ideas to the team and our clients.

When she is not busy vlogging, tweeting, snapping and chatting, she assists our SEO team in content creation, on-page optimization, and image tagging.

Julia Spewak, Graphic Designer

Creativity flows through Julia, she knows the ingredients of great communication art. She has experience in all elements of graphic design and illustration from print to packaging to digital media.

Julia brings fresh and innovative ideas to the Conveyance design team. She collaborates with our design, content and digital teams in the creation of design themes and graphics for marketing and collateral materials, digital media, and website graphics.

Kami Nash Cleary

Kami Nash Cleary, Media Relations

Kami Nash Cleary is a strategic communications professional with 15+ years experience in project management, media, research and analysis, stakeholder relationship management, marketing, and message development within the security, international, and defense markets.

She has an established track record in implementing public and private partnerships, social media strategy, event planning, key message development, communication campaigns, research, and data analysis.

She applies both new and traditional communication methods to analyze, evaluate, and enhance client projects.


Dianne Murphy, Public Relations

Dianne Murphy is a creative thinker with more than 25 years of experience in public relations and event management.

Dianne partners with us to provide media relations, event planning, and media coaching solutions to clients. Her level of professionalism, attention to detail, and calm control shows in all that she does.

Her PR experience spans across multiple industries, including hospitality, restaurant, health and wellness, non-profit, and small business. She is a determined professional and it shows in the numerous local contacts she has amassed and successful campaigns she has flawlessly executed.

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