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For almost a decade, our team has worked primarily with tech clients – we know how to spot a disruptor and speak geek.

Today, most of our clients are in managed service, big data analytics, cloud storage, cyber security, IoT, and AI. This requires the ability to spot developing trends, deep domain expertise, and a digital rolodex full of today’s influencers, bloggers, publishers, and beat reporters. We make certain that your customers to hear you in a noisy marketplace — clearly, reliably, and consistently.

Public Relations (PR) and corporate communications for technology firms is different; it requires a curious mind, deep domain expertise, and agility. Many of the same basic skills are used between tech and non-tech PR: communication strategies, media relations, influencer identification, awards and speaking opportunity identification, byline and press release writing. But, in tech PR the amplification of social media, visual media, web, and brand are key differentiators.

Because tech moves at a much greater speed than most other markets, obsolescence is the name of the game. And it is true for tech PR too – the strategies and tactics that worked yesterday will have little leverage on moving the needle tomorrow. To succeed at tech PR, you have to be part innovator, part storytelling, part detective. That’s why our corporate communications strategies go a step further and also include:

  • Branding + Communications
  • Crisis Management
  • Government Influence
  • Product + Company Launch
  • Subject Matter Expertise Development
  • Thought Leadership Development

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