Know What’s Working and What’s Not by Conducting a Perception Campaign

At Conveyance Marketing Group, one of the many services that we offer clients is Perception Campaigns. During a Perception Campaign, we delve into the wins and losses of a business to find out two very important things – what works well and what doesn’t.

Every campaign is customized to fit the needs and wants of our clients. No two companies are alike, so no two Perception Campaigns are alike. We appreciate that each client is unique, and we take that into consideration when crafting the campaign.

Each Perception Campaign is comprised of four fundamental components:

Identification. In the first step, we have you provide us with a list of current clients, past clients, and points of contact from missed opportunities. These are the groups of folks we want to talk with.

Discovery. With your list complete, we begin the discovery process. We have developed a strategic set of questions that we utilize during the interview process. Our goal is to dig in to really understand how you win business, lose business, and build customer loyalty.

  • Who was involved in the decision?
  • What was the key selection criteria used?
  • What was the perception of your company prior to entering the buying cycle?
  • How did their perception change?
  • How did you compare to the competition?
  • What did they view as your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What was the perception of the quality of your sales team?
  • How did they feel the sales team managed the relationship?
  • How was your pricing?
  • If a win, would the customer be comfortable participating in a case study or providing a testimonial?

Reporting. At this stage, we compile all the data from the Discovery phase and turn it into actionable analyses. The findings will layout both the actual and perceived strengths and weaknesses of your business.

Branding. With this type of information at hand, we create a blueprint for future sales success. The branding strategy will address any perceived weaknesses or misconceptions and espouse your company’s strengths. By knowing exactly what your current and potential clients are thinking, we can manage perceptions – both positive and negative.

At Conveyance, we want our clients to grow and thrive. By studying wins and losses, we are able to gather relevant, invaluable data that can then be implemented into a successful marketing strategy. We are changing losses into wins – one perception at a time.

What could a Perception Campaign do for your business?