Convey It – Prepping for the Holidays

Convey It - Social Tips for Holiday Season

The Holiday Season is Upon Us …

We know… it feels like we are being a little premature.  But the truth is the Holiday season is upon us and as a business owner, or Social Media strategist it’s time to start formulating your marketing and social media plan of attack. If you’re not already on top of your Holiday Social Media Campaign, here are some of our favorite articles both new & old, to help you succeed in being merry & bright and in getting your business noticed this holiday season.

This weeks Top Five …

Resources for building a social media campaign this holiday season
Do you have Social Media plans this Holiday Season? Are you looking for ideas to improve your social media marketing over the holiday season? Whether you sell a product or service, social media can help you engage with holiday shoppers and generate more sales. Click here for some holiday campaign ideas.

7 Tips for your Holiday Marketing
Christmas is coming, and New Year’s Eve is almost here. December gives you great opportunities to drive sales and engage with your customers. According to a recent study almost half of the shoppers answered that social media affects their holiday shopping process. Very good news for you! Read on for some tips and strategies.

4 Festive Tips for Holiday Marketing
The month between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve is the biggest opportunity brands and retailers have each year, but it’s also incredibly competitive, so it’s crucial to reach and communicate with your customer audience in the correct way.  Click here for four simple holiday marketing tips.

8 Stellar Social Media Ideas for the Holidays
Before the Internet business celebrated the holidays by decorating their stores and playing festive holiday music, sending clients and service-based organizations greeting cards, and giving gifts to key clients. But with so many people getting information from social media, it’s important to find way to make the most of the season!  Click here for some tips on how to stand out in the holiday crowd.

2015 Social Media Tips to Prep for the Holiday Shopping Season
It’s never too early to build your strategy and start planning for the increased interest, activity, and sales online. As most people prepare for relaxing beach vacations and sunny park picnics, e-commerce brands spend summertime preparing for the online holiday shopping season that occurs in November and December. This article will help you leveraging social media channels leading up to and during the holidays; to help you boost awareness, drive traffic, and increase sales. Click here for eight great tips for preparing your site and social media networks.

I know, we promise FIVE but here is a bonus read, too good to pass up …

Think Outside the Gift Box: 6 Fun Offbeat Holiday’s to Celebrate on Social Media
Holiday campaigns are a great opportunity to connect with your customers, think outside the box, and use a more casual tone in your messaging while still remaining on-brand. Here’s the catch: during most major holidays, such as Christmas or Halloween, your brand’s campaign will be competing against hundreds of others, possibly with bigger teams and budgets at their disposal. And while this doesn’t mean that you should give up all attempts to connect with your audience on these occasions, it’s a good reason to consider ways you can personalize your holiday campaigns to your industry and followers. For more information and clever ideas read on.