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2017 Instagram Marketing Trends You Need to Know

Instagram is capturing and sharing the world’s moments … are you onboard?

When Mark Zuckerberg purchased Instagram in 2012, many people thought he was crazy. Now as we approach the five-year anniversary of that acquisition in April, Zuckerberg must be pretty amused. When he bought the fledgling company, it boasted approximately 30 million users. As we closed out 2016, it had hit over 500 million – and it’s still growing.

Instagram is a mecca for visual storytelling, it presents a prime opportunity to market yourself and your business. Just like any social media, it is changing rapidly to meet market demands. You have to stay on top of trends and have a solid strategy in place if you want to use it successfully.

2017 Instagram Trends to Watch

    1. Enhanced Business Tools
      In 2016, the Company unveiled new business tools to help business owners and marketers better manage their Instagram marketing efforts. The tools provided analytics on post engagement, company profiles, and a way to quickly turn a popular post into an advertisement. Instagram also recently allowed users to create (and manage) multiple accounts – making branding efforts much simpler if you need to market different lines of your business separately. In 2017, features dealing especially with analytics and ads will be brought online. The more you know, the better you can align your strategy to what resonates with your audience.
    2. Clickable Links
      Links have been a sore subject when it comes to Instagram. Traditionally, you would see “Link in bio!” written everywhere because links were only allowed in bios. Look for more link opportunities in 2017. Links are already appearing in Instagram Stories for verified users. Keep an eye out for links in photos – and hopefully unverified users – this year.
    3. Videos
      There’s no doubt that Zuckerberg loves video content. With the Boomerang app, businesses can create 1-second GIF-like videos that loop on the site. You can also upload videos of up to 60 seconds now, with more changes undoubtedly coming soon. Videos are an amazing way to promote your business. If you are considering one, think about doing one that is silent. Many social media users prefer videos with subtitles or text narration in lieu of voice-overs and music.
    4. Stories
      Some people believe that Instagram Stories is going to wipe out Snapchat in 2017. While that’s a long-shot, we think that it will definitely steal a large number of users. Instagram has added filters and stickers to Stories, enabled users to tag others in some situations, and allowed for photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. Links within verified accounts can be seen by swiping “See more.” If you don’t take advantage of Stories, you’re missing out on one of Instagram’s most powerful features. Just make sure that you pick a theme and stick with it; consistency is key.
    5. Storefronts
      With Instagram testing out some branded product tags recently, we can only believe that shopping will get more and more user-friendly in the app. If they allow more product-tagging in 2017, users may never have to leave the website to buy your product with detailed product views and “Shop Now” buttons. Instagram is such a visual app that shopping is inevitable. Watch closely to see what new ways consumers can find your products in 2017.

With a little planning and a lot of watching, Instagram can become a powerful part of your social media arsenal in 2017. Track user engagement – not just likes – to see what works and what doesn’t. Set a visual theme for your business, take advantage of Stories, and be prepared to make some videos. This year is the year to engage your customers, and Instagram is giving you just the right platform to do it.

Instagram for Business: What You Need to Know

New changes are going to make Instagram an even bigger social media player

There’s no doubt that Instagram is putting its own stamp on social media marketing for businesses. They have more than 200,000 active advertisers and tout that half of their users follow at least one business user. With those statistics in hand, Instagram is finally stepping up to cater to its business clientele, much like Facebook did years ago.
Along with testing a new algorithm that will prioritize feeds based on what they think users want to see (instead of simply showing posts in reverse chronological order), Instagram is making three major changes to encourage business users to not only use Instagram, but advertise on it as well.

New Profiles

Business users who have a verified business page on Facebook will be able to upgrade and convert their accounts to ones with more customer-friendly features and Facebook-like analytics. With the touch of a button, customers will be able to contact businesses via phone, email, or text, and they will also be able to get directions to the business, when applicable.


With the new profiles, Instagram has added Insights for its businesses customers to get real analytics about their posts and followers. Followers are broken down by age range and the average time spent on Instagram every day. Every post also has statistics on the number of impressions (the total number of times your post has been seen), its reach (the number of unique accounts that have seen your post), and its engagement (the number of likes and comments on your post). You can also sort your posts by impressions in order to see what posts are getting seen the most – which is especially important as the new algorithm is tested and everyone is unsure of how posts will be prioritized. The Insights analytics are designed to be mobile-friendly, catering to small- and medium-sized businesses who are more prone to make advertising decisions on the go.

Easy Ad Creation

Again with the ease of mobile use in mind, Instagram will allow users to turn popular posts into ads directly from its app with the push of a button. There will even be advertising suggestions based on a business’s audience and budget.

Instagram has already been a force to reckon with for businesses, but these new changes are going to undoubtedly make it an even bigger social media player. The new profiles, analytics, and ad tools will be rolling out within the next couple of months in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand, and will be available all over the world by the end of 2016. In the meantime, spend a little time sprucing up your Facebook business profile since that will serve as the impetus for your new Instagram profile.

If you need any help maneuvering these new changes or even just establishing your business on Instagram, contact us at Conveyance today. We’d love to help you convey your message.

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