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We’ll Make Your First Digital Impression a Great One

The ideal online customer journey begins with a user-friendly website that combines seamless navigation, a clean-cut path to digestible content, and mobile compatibility. Zentek’s mission is to deliver peace of mind for their clients, our mission was to deliver peace of mind through their website design and development journey… we delivered.

Great UX is the Key to Marketing Success

For any businesses, attracting and converting website visitors into revenue-generating customers, is heavily dependent on the overall user experience (UX). UX is the key to facilitating conversions; so it’s important to make it easy for visitors to find, access, and request services. We did our research upfront to understand Zentek’s goals, their target customers pain points, and their desired outcomes so that the path to customer conversion was shortened.

Wireframe: Your UX Backbone

We start each web design project with a wireframe. The wireframe creates the structure of the entire project and enables us to begin the build-out of the content architecture, customer journey mapping, and overall UX.

Mockup & Prototype: Solidify Your Visual Impact

While the wireframe help us with the placement of content and overall UX, the prototype breathes life into the design mockup. We presented two mockups to Zentek and ended up taking pieces from each to create the  prototype and final website.


We built Zentek a website that enabled their brand to speak to their customers, partners, and prospects and deliver to them the messages they wish to convey.

Creative Collaborators

This project was complicated - we changed our company name and overall look-feel - Conveyance was great about it all and worked with us on our new look-feel as well as messaging. The resulting website and brand are superb.

Bob Haas, SVP Services and Solutions, Zentek Consulting

Writing the blogs, countdown blogs, press releases and articles for the Spring Market was creatively fulfilling; as a long time fan of The Old Lucketts Store and The Lucketts Spring Market, it was easy to write about a subject I love. The main message, that of the Market’s move to The Clarke County Fairgrounds, was kept prominent and it was easy to communicate excitement because the images and graphics were beautifully tied in and inspiring.

Sarah Hutchinson on Zentek Website

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