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Video produces more conversions than other content type

Ideas presented graphically are easier to comprehend and remember than those presented as words – 90 percent of the information we take in comes to us through our eyes. Vibrant visuals are proven to be more persuasive and more memorable than text alone; they capture a person’s attention before they even see which company is behind them. Using story-based explainer videos as a sales and marketing tool will engage and inform a much wider audience – which translates to less work, and more impact. Watch the video!

Tone, Tempo and Content

Taking the time to really understand what the client needs to communicate is at the heart of this creative process – it’s the upfront detail in the outline and hand-written storyboards that is the foundation for an effective deliverable.  We work with the client to understand what the tone should be -serious, silly, informative, etc. – what the tempo of the video should feel like, and identify the most important pieces of content that have to be included before we begin the design and development process.

Building the Storyboard

How to create images from words? We use the original outline and create images that tell the story, one frame at a time.

Editing for Action

Once the images on the storyboard are approved and put in the correct order, we then have to put action to the video so the illustrators and animators can add motion and a voice to each slide, thus transforming the storyboard to a video.

And the Story is Complete.

The collaborative and creative process of creating a video is one we truly enjoy as it brings together many talented team members to produce the final product, and by the end of the process we understand our clients just a little more completely. And, the final videos are always fun to watch!

Creative Collaborators

Karen Donald, VP Keeper Technology
We took the kSAFE animated video to our first industry trade show and it was so well received. It made our cutting-edge technology easier for attendees to understand and get excited about.

Karen Donald, Vice President, Keeper Technology

What a great collaborative effort between our team and the Keeper Tech sales and engineering teams. We had a blast brainstorming this project and seeing it come to life.

Carolyn Dobson on the kSAFE Animated Video

Kristine Jacobson
Working with Karen, Carolyn and the Keeper sales and engineering team on this project was great; we spent a lot of time perfecting the imagery and storyline so that the message of kSAFE's unique position in the market would be well accepted and properly conveyed.

Kristine Jacobson on the kSAFE Animated Video

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