In a market dominated by the world’s largest software company, it may seem impossible for a smaller enterprise to make itself conspicuous online. Enter Search Engine Optimization – or SEO. Projility is a major player in the project management world, offering organizations powerful tools that increase productivity and profitability. While they implement Microsoft solutions, they also want to stand out for their own innovative Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software that works in concert with Microsoft’s Project Server and Project Online – which they call Hammerhead. Unfortunately, it’s tough to see a shark when there's a whale swimming in front of...

Amplifying Content

Projility needs to deliver its message to a very niche audience. This audience isn’t just local, though; clients are located in every corner of the United States. To achieve visibility online, we began by looking at the keywords and long-tail keywords that impact their industry. We then analyzed search volumes to see where we should focus our SEO efforts. With a strategy in place, we use content to drive Projility’s SEO. Images are optimized, blogs are posted, and news and events are continuously updated on their website. By knowing what search engines want, we can get Projility where they need to be – in front of their audience.


When preparing an SEO strategy, analytics are crucial. Not only are they required for the initial game plan, but analytics must be reviewed regularly to ensure that the SEO strategy is still on target. Keyword trends come and go, making yesterday’s tactics futile and pointless. Competitors must also be routinely monitored so that we can keep one step ahead of any opposing SEO approaches. With statistics about the quality of site traffic, we can see how different pieces of content generate views and click-throughs – enabling real-time content refinement for maximum efficacy. Analytics are the unceasing heart and soul of SEO.


Search engines like Google and Bing employ sophisticated algorithms that rank websites based on a multitude of factors. Even if you are utilizing paid search as part of your marketing strategy, it’s not cost-effective to pay for ads in every keyword that applies to your product or service offering. SEO is all about making a site algorithm-friendly. Fresh content, pictures, taglines, and even mobile responsiveness are taken into consideration for ranking purposes. And content must be formatted in a way that is snackable and easy to digest– with italics, bold words, bullets, headings, and subheads.

A Complicated Process with a Clear Result

Projility is now ahead of all its competitors in search engine results. Its ranking has more than doubled since coming to Conveyance for SEO services. The search engines are seeing that it is a website with relevant content, which means that its visibility has increased dramatically. There have been more impressions, and more impressions lead to more click-throughs. By maintaining an SEO strategy that is dynamic, intelligent, and insightful, we will continue to improve Projility’s placement in organic searches. Agile analytics and astute content will allow Hammerhead to play with the whales – giving Projility the distinction it needs in a sea full of fish.

Creative Collaborators

As a Content Strategist, it has been fascinating learning about the Project Management world. Projility has an incredibly unique market. They not only implement project solutions for enterprises across every industry, but they’ve developed their own tools to make executing those solutions quicker and more effective. Projility’s blogs are always packed with useful information and guidance – from addressing user errors to providing advice on metrics and reporting. We are also working on case studies to delve into industry-specific scenarios. Projility recognizes that knowledge is power, and we are demonstrating that their expertise is unrivaled in the marketplace – one…

Kristin Crosby
Projility Content Strategy

Coming from a project management background, Projility is right up my alley. I talk their talk and know how to position them for growth with Google, Yahoo! and Bing. We have seen great SERP results and I couldn't be more pleased.

Laurie Daly
Projility SEO Strategy

Our team works really well with the Conveyance team. We like the fact that there is a real process and thoughtful analysis behind all that they do. Each month we meet to discuss results, make adjustments and strategize our topics and case study targets for the upcoming month. We have seen our SERP rankings climbing above our competitors and to me that is the true measurement of our joint success.

Rob Hirschmann, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing