A brand book is the guiding document to show the world the living and breathing concept that is a company’s brand. This important document sets the standards that represent any communication, internally or externally, and limit any inconsistency that would harm or alter the company brand out in the “real world”. In the case of accelHRate, a company that was in the throes of realigning purpose and completing a redefined focus within the HR recruiting industry, it was vital to have their identity clearly communicated across a broad spectrum of the business community.

Defining Style

Outlining Visual Uniformity for the accelHRate Brand 

accelHRate was in the process of redefining their core audience and tightening the scope of their business model.  They were ready to share this news and wanted to make sure their message was delivered with their branding intact and succinct in the marketplace.  We compiled all of the details under one cover so their branding strategy and visual messaging are available to everyone in the company.

Branded Colors

Color is a very impactful element in design and often gives the first impression when noticed in a logo, brochure cover, etc, and can often be the first thing that is noticed when a company’s name or logo is shown.  Specifically chosen colors can be one of several visuals that easily identify a company and accelHRate has a unique blend of rich and vibrant colors that jump off the page.

Custom Fonts

Messaging can be communicated using many forms, and utilizing a custom font in a logo, on letterhead or in printed materials is one way that accelHRate set itself apart. Fonts provide one element of aesthetic appeal in a deliverable, and can convey a tone or even evoke emotion depending upon the user.

A Cohesive Strategy for an Edgy Brand Identity

Brand identity is a fragile thing and setting standards for the use of a brand is paramount to maintaining a strong and consistent message in the marketplace. Creating a Brand Book outlining how all elements of the message are to be used across all internal and external platforms is vitally important to both large and small organizations.

Creative Collaborators

The accelHRate brand was fun to work with because of the bold color scheme and dynamic style. I enjoyed getting to craft and compile the colors, fonts, letterhead, and overall design of the brand to communicate their exceptional company to industry and clients.

Noelle Blankenship on the accelHRate branding project