Pivot: Consumers Trust Friends for Brand Recommendations; Three Things NOT To Do on LinkedIn; Paper Isn’t Dead: Print Catalogs Trump Social Networks


Conveying this week’s most interesting marketing tactics, trends and techniques & our top three picks: Consumers Trust Friends for Brand Recommendations; What Not to do on Your LinkedIn Profile; & Print Catalogs Trump Social Networks in Both Online and In-store Purchasing.

Report: 70% of Consumers Trust Brand Recommendations From Friends

A recent Forrester Research report based on responses from 58,000 individuals, reveals that seventy percent of consumers trust brand recommendations from friends, but only 10 percent trust advertising. Social Media avenues such as Facebook Sponsored Stories, which are based on friend recommendations on behalf of a brand, are more effective than standard banner ads. Mashable’s Todd Wasserman dissects this recent Forrester Research Report and adds his own insights. Read More

Three Things NOT To Do on LinkedIn

You have only a few seconds to grab someone’s attention and get across a clear message. That’s true whether you’re selling a product or service, or if you’re selling yourself in the job market. That’s why you want your LinkedIn profile to be a help, not a hindrance. Steve Woodruff visually and verbally demonstrates the good, bad and ugly of a LinkedIn profile. Read More

Online Reviews Influence Shoppers Most, but Print Catalogs Trump Social Networks

Well, I guess paper really isn’t dead …according to a survey from Baynote and the e-tailing group, paper catalogs trump social media in both online and in-store purchasing. While online reviews still influence shoppers the most, the report revealed that social networking sites exert less influence over purchases. For the full low down 22% for catalogs, 15% for Facebook and a Twitter/Pinterest tie at 12%, you have to read on. Read More