New Social Media Marketing Opportunities in Mobile

Earlier this week at WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference), Apple announced the latest version of its iPhone, iPad, and iPod operating system, iOS 6. With Apple constantly rolling out new features and updates, the newest releases of its iOS platforms typically bring major overhauls and game-changing innovation, and are definitely worth a few minutes of your time to review – especially if you’re in the business of mobile and social media marketing.

At the conference, it was announced that the new iOS would feature deep Facebook integration throughout the new platform. When iOS 5 was released, Apple made a similar announcement regarding integration with Twitter.

Social Media Marketing in iOS 6: Facebook Integration

While Twitter is praised for its simplicity and ease-of-use, Facebook’s myriad of products-within-products will see much more visibility throughout Apple devices. Soon you will see Facebook in apps such as calendar, contacts, and even Apple’s own App Store.

Facebook events and even friend’s birthdays will populate the calendar of your Apple device. From your photo app, you will be able to upload photos directly to Facebook, similar to Twitter’s iOS integration. Even iTunes will have some sort of Facebook presence (remember Apple’s social network – Ping – me either).

This presents an incredible opportunity for social media marketers and brands. The use of mobile devices has skyrocketed and only brands that are ready for the next wave of mobile traffic will reap the benefits.

Is Your Company Mobile Ready?

Before iOS 6 lands this fall, get your team together to discuss a mobile and social media strategy. This is a new conversation for brands but a necessary one. Mobile devices are completely shifting marketing strategies, and if your company isn’t mobile ready, I guarantee your competitor is. If leads aren’t look at you, they are looking at someone else.


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