In what was probably the most overhyped IPO of all time, Facebook stock continues totumble after opening up to big numbers. Many shareholders and analysts point to problems in Facebook’s advertising department, which is also the main revenue stream of the company raking in $3.15 billion in 2011 (Mashable).

Facebook has now offered small and medium-sized businesses the opportunity to access those elusive premium ad spots that were once reserved for brands spending in excess of $125k a quarter in hopes to increase its revenue and grow their share prices.

So what ads are now available?

Home Page Ads these are featured on the right side of a person’s newsfeed and were once sold only through Facebook’s sales reps. They are now available to the general public in the self-service advertising platform.

Mobile Sponsored Stories once reserved for big brands (seeing a trend here?) these ads are also available without the purchase of premium ad packages. Monetizing through mobile devices is one area that Facebook admitted complications. They are hoping to resolve that by offering these ad services to the masses as they say.

Social Media Marketing

Navigating your way through the back end of Facebook’s new ad offerings can be a complex and delicate process. The targeting options, demographics, keywords, ad text and graphics, type of ads, etc. This is why Conveyance Marketing Group offers social media marketing services.

Creating and managing ad campaigns that are effective takes years of expertise as well as time and dedication.

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