Marketing Tech … Does Your Marketing Company Speak Geek?

At Conveyance, many of our clients are technology-centric and serve as disruptors within their markets. From start-ups with innovative hardware or software solutions to established consulting companies looking to define a new niche, we’ve seen it all.

When many of our clients come to us, they are just beginning to move their product from the research and development arena to the marketplace – what an exciting time. Our clients are masters at developing products and services that break the mold; but turning those product and services specifications into business value is often difficult for them – this is where Conveyance steps in. We help our clients turn their “tech talk” into business value.

When the “Norm” isn’t Good Enough

While there are many marketing companies out there that handle more traditional businesses well, not many talk the crucial language of “geek speak.” They may pretend to understand your technology, but, in reality, they don’t. Their plan is to take your innovative breakthrough and put it through the exact marketing process – and through the same overused marketing channels – as all of their other clients. They aren’t concerned with spending time with you or getting to know your product, your engineers, your sales team and your goals. In fact, some companies will tell you that not asking you questions is merely how they save your precious time. You have to fit into their process – when it should be the other way around.

Disruptor, Meet Disruptor

Unlike those other marketing companies, Conveyance is a disruptor in its own right. Everyone in our firm comes from a tech background. Prior to starting Conveyance, I spent my entire career working with high-tech companies. We don’t have to pretend to understand geek speak in our office; we speak it fluently.

From project management and customer relationship management (CRM) software to smart apps and storage appliances, we start every partnership by diving deep, understanding how you work and what your product or service is all about. We talk to engineers, CTOs, and developers to learn all the details of your solutions – and extract the “so what.” No two clients are ever the same, and that’s what makes our job so enjoyable.

More like a Mad Lib than a Form Letter

While we do have processes in place to keep us organized and on track, we adjust those processes to fit each client. We not only take the time to get to know your business, but we also spend time getting to know your current clients and your target audience. By grasping how they want to learn about your technology, we can then communicate to them the right way – the way that turns leads into sales.
We align our creative process with technological objectives, taking product features and turning them into tangible product benefits – or, business value. Instead of saying, “So What?” your clients will say, “Now I get it.”

Accelerating Growth Without Overhead

Money is precious to every business. Instead of hiring additional staff to market your new technology, you can save on overhead by partnering with Conveyance. Our Virtual Marketing Office (VMO) enables customers to put marketing dollars directly toward projects, instead of cubicles and vacation time.

If you’ve already shaken up your market or you’re about to, give us a call. We can turn your tech talk into business value, and ensure that you’re speaking to your audience in a way that conveys your message effectively.