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If Clients Can’t Find You, Online You Don’t Exist.

Your clients don’t just go to Google, Bing, Siri, and Alexa to find what they are looking for, they also use social media. Most people don’t think of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest as search engines … but we do.

Social media allows you to showcase your products and services – immediately; search engine optimization makes sure your brand is positioned to be the first seen.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media marketing are two closely connected strategies – both are used in Inbound Marketing to attract more qualified leads to your website.

Social media relies on engaging graphics – images, videos, infographics – and high-quality content to create a strong brand presence. Your customers and prospects look to your social media to validate your business, see what you’re doing, and interact with your brand. Increasing your domain authority and reputation on social media, through increased engagement and high-quality content syndication, will lead to increased online brand presence. This increased brand presence will lead to more organic searches on Google and Bing.

A strong social media presence can greatly increase your search rankings. Posting engaging images and content that get shared, leveraging relevant keywords, including external links in your posts, and growing your fanbase all contribute to your brand’s authority in the eyes of Google and Bing … and improves your page ranking. SEO can double your social media reach.

Optimizing your website for search engines takes careful, detail-oriented planning and execution, and ongoing work to maintain and increase your position. Social media alone won’t get you on page one, but it can help. SEO is an ongoing process where success depends on a long-term strategy and the ability to adapt. To help you maintain your website page position, our team continually navigates the hundreds of ranking factors that the search engines use and they stay current on the ever-changing Google and Bing algorithm updates.

The better the experience you give your users, the higher you’re going to rank in Google and Bing. A solid SEO strategy combined with relevant, entertaining and informative social media content will get you there.

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Click here for an in-depth look at how we approach search engine optimization (SEO)





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