Metrics & Analytics

Data-driven, Results-oriented marketing

Without knowing which campaign elements, delivery platforms, or marketing activities create revenue and fill your customer acquisition funnel, you are walking down a marketing path with no direction.

Analyzing marketing data is a crucial element in every marketing endeavor and its becoming a lot easier and faster to do. At Conveyance we use a combination of free and specialized software to help make sense of the data at hand.

We deliver insight into how your customers interact with your company’s
products and services.

In today’s data-driven world it is easy to know your customer, to know where they hang out and how they like receive your messages. But … if you haven’t analyzed your customer interaction and campaign engagement rates, then you don’t know your customer and would have to wonder if you really have their attention.

At Conveyance Marketing Group, we strategize, test, and analyze how your customers relate to your brand, products, and services to determine if you are delivering your message accurately and effectively. We support our clients by creating and implementing marketing campaigns and strategic messaging based on metrics, analytics, and KPI’s that are continually monitored and tested.

We look at real-time data to determine the profiles of your target audience and weed out the data points that cloud your targeted customer interaction plan. Focusing on what platform and what message resonates with your audience allows us to create a cohesive, strategic marketing plan that makes best use of your marketing dollars.


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