Identity & Branding

Your brand is your visual voice.

Does your brand truly reflect your business?

Our process for developing brand concepts ensures that the voices of your customers – and their primary needs, values, and behaviors – remain at the core of the creative development process. Our research-based methodology ensure that we strike the right balance between the science and the art of branding and positioning.


Every brand has a unique story and creates a unique experience. Both are built over time through strong and consistent communication at every customer touch point. From your marketing material to the way you speak about your company – a well thought-out brand requires strategy.

Our team will guide you through our brand identity process; from distilling brand strategy and brand research to defining brand attributes. We’ve established a clear process that accommodates the stage of business you are in – whether you’re improving an existing brand or creating a brand from the ground up.

We talk color palette, typography, and graphic treatments to be sure that we capture your organization’s visual voice.

We’ll get at the root of the value you provide to your customers and the ways you differ from your competitors – then translate that information into a brand message and strategy to ensure that your brand message stays consistent and true to your company throughout all client touch points.

We take the time to get to know you and your company to make sure the image we create resonates and gives you a solid foundation to grow and develop a lasting business image. Our brand and identity solution includes:

  • Logo Design
  • Typeface Selection
  • Social Icons
  • Style Guide
  • Brand Strategy

A great brand gives your business a leg up on the competition. It communicates quality and trustworthiness, and highlights what makes your business different from the rest. We are experts at crafting unique and memorable brand identities with messaging to match. Our brands leave a lasting impression, and that are flexible enough to grow over time.

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