Event Promotion

Industry events, media events, trade shows, and conferences

We are experts at designing attention-grabbing booths and trade show displays, preparing sales presentations, attracting media to your event, and adding special touches and promotional items that get people talking about your business.

We’ll handle all the pre-planning, on-site, and post-planning strategies and tactics to maximize your event investment.

We Create Experiences That Connect People to Your Brand

Hosting an event requires an enormous amount of preparation. The details that go into making an event successful are countless and demand constant attention to detail as well as hours of hard work before, during and after. When the dust finally settles and the event is ready to begin, the only thing left to do is wait for the guests to arrive.

Preparing for and promoting your event, whether it is a trade show, grand opening, product launch, or sales promotion, relies on the ability to generate a buzz among your target audience. Creating an effective strategy to promote your event requires time, creative thinking and hard work. We can help you design all of your event marketing materials, including:

  • Trade Show Booth Design
  • Banner Design
  • Pre-Trade Show Mailings
  • Program Listings & Advertisements
  • Invitations – print and email
  • Sales Collateral
  • Post- Trade Show Follow Up

In the end, the goal is conversion, and by utilizing our experience and knowledge of the event industry, we strive to create brand loyalty and lifetime customers for your business. Conveyance Marketing Group has the experience to successfully promote your event and give you the opportunity to create a memorable event for everyone involved.

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