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We’ll Help You Move from Idea
to Market

We love working with innovative entrepreneurs and startups; we get to be a part of making something great happen – shaping your story, building your business, and developing your brand.

We help startups, microbusinesses and entrepreneurs at all stages – from early planning to go-to-market and growth. We understand the action-oriented, results-focused marketing that you need.

Whether you are going for traditional angel or venture funding or braving crowdfunding, we’ll help you get the right people excited about your idea.

Developing a brand, going to market, and driving user acquisition are all extremely important to a startup’s success. We build scalable marketing programs to help manage your growth and funding strategy.

The approach to take with bankers and investors is much different than crowdfunding, we know the difference and have helped savvy entrepreneurs competently and credibly communicate their plan and pitch for funding under both scenarios.

A well thought out plan and professional presentation will reassure potential investors and increase your odds of getting a capital infusion. We will help you prepare a solid pitch that will demonstrate your experience and capabilities, craft your story, and prove the viability of your business idea.

The tactics we use to demonstrate traction to bankers and investors, include:

  • Develop your message
  • Create your brand
  • Design investor presentations
  • Ghostwrite pitch letters and plans
  • Conduct media and analyst training
  • Orchestrate influencer campaigns
  • Develop analyst relations
  • Build your product/service launch strategy

The tactics we use to develop and launch crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter and Indegogo, include:

  • Crafting your story
  • Refining your pitch and reward
  • Developing your pitch video
  • Target identification for investors and evangelists
  • Email campaign development
  • Social media identification and implementation
  • Media training, identification and press release distribution
  • Blogging
  • Ongoing research and analytics

We help startups after the investment stage build a sales pipeline to generate revenue, improve their service offering and nurture sales.

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