Blueprint to Creating Landing Pages that Boost Conversion


If you are launching a product or service, or spending money on PPC or ad campaigns, don’t waste money and lose potential customers with a lackluster, generic landing page.

Getting prospects and customers to take another action after they click on an ad or a link is the main objective. Post-click marketing to turn clicks into conversions takes careful planning and an understanding of what your target audience needs to take that all-important next step.

There is an art to creating landing experiences that boost conversions.

Regardless of whether you’re a rookie or veteran marketer, we’ve assembled the following blueprint, using a PPC landing page we designed for a client, to help you avoid some of the common pitfalls we see all too often.

The Building Blocks of the Perfect PPC or Ad Landing Page

  • Match Your Landing Page Headline with Your Ad Headline and KeywordsThere are two reasons for this one is very obvious and the other may not even be know to the rookie marketer. The obvious reason is to remind the visitor why they are there. The less obvious reason is to enhance your Google AdWord Quality Score. Having a high quality score will both decrease your cost-per-click and reduce oval acquisition costs.
  • Create a Single Call-to-ActionThe most common mistakes we see are dropping your customer or prospect onto the home page of your website or asking them to do too much on your ad landing page. To reduce bounce, you need to focus on driving a single action. The old KISS adage certainly applies here!
  • Simply State the Benefits of Your Product or Service – explain to the reader why they should choose your product or service concisely no more than 100 words please!
  • Strategically Place Your Form to Capture Leads – There is a science behind the way your eyes moves across a page place an imaginary z atop your page. Place your logo in upper left, phone number in upper right, benefits in the center left, and call to action “Submit” in mid-to-lower right. Be sure to keep the form simple to promote conversion.
  • Build Credibility for Your Product or Service – a great way to support a customer or prospects decision to take the next step, is by building credibility for your product or service. Bryan Eisenberg, the guru of conversion rates, suggests placing trust icons next to your submit button. Customer testimonials, awards, as well as trust icons help make people click.