It’s a new year, and probably a great time to take a good look at your web design. We put together a few articles and tips to help you determine if your stacks up to your competition and the industry at large.


Here’s the must-have list …

  • Is your website responsive – looks good on computers, tablets and phones?
  • Is it focused on the trends that are here to stay?
  • Do you have amazing content that engages your viewer and converts them into sales?
  • Is it visually stimulating in the mood and direction your brand is trying to convey?

Take a look at these articles that we’ve put together to give you a website jump start.

Responsive Design Trends

Looking back over the responsive web deign trends that defined 2015, is what they predicted to be true? Let’s go back and see what actually made the cut. This look back at 2015 web design trends is an interesting read: 8 responsive web design trends that defined 2015

Now that you’ve taken a look back at 2015, let’s leap to what’s coming in 2016.  Do you see any trends that you want to implement into your website this year? Web design trends 2016.

Website Content that Sells

Engaging content on your website is a must; you don’t want to bore your viewers with dry content, acronyms, industry jargon and bullet points.  Take a look at these tip for writing better website content: 10 Tips for writing website content

When putting together your website content your ultimate goal in to convert viewers into sales.  Here are 4 “must haves” to make that happen:  Entertain, Educate, Persuade, CONVERT! 4 types of Content that every website needs.

Website Color and Visuals

A lot of designers hyper focus on the visual elements of website design.  Incorporating your brand and style guide color palettes into your design is very important.  Here is an example of beautiful web color schemes: Trendy web color palettes and material design color schemes.



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