Become a CNO in Your Business

Become a CNO in Your Business

A What? CNO … in other words a Chief Networking Officer.

I recently blogged on the topic of networking … and then looked to BNI founder and networking virtuoso, Ivan Misner to see what he had to add to the topic.

We are of the same thought that adopting the mindset of a CNO will help you grown your business.

There are a few simple steps to ensure that you are playing the part of CNO …

1. Participate in two to three networking events each month 
AND follow up with people you meet. 
Can we all say we do that regularly?

2. Make a list of the people you wanted to keep in contact with and put them into your calendar and reach out to them once a month via a personal phone call – try to schedule at least two per week.

3. Send a note to people you’ve fallen out of touch with and with whom you’d like to reconnect – past clients, past vendors, a friend of a friend, another business owner you chatted with at your local coffee shop a few months ago. This will keep you foremost in these people’s minds

4. Take good care of your database.
 If you don’t currently use a sales database, send me a quick email and I will direct you to some free database management tools. This is your GOLD – so mine it.

5. Always thank your referral partners.
 Extending a simple “thank you” is probably the single biggest action a CNO can take to maximize the number of referrals you get.

What’s Wrong with My Emails

You’ve just done an analysis of your latest e-mail campaign and discovered that your conversion rate has plummeted yet again. It leaves all marketers asking the same question. You’ve written the perfect sales letter and everything seems to be right with the message, but you still can’t get a decent response rate.

It is not surprising when you think about it though, how many e-mails do you read every day? If you’re anything like 98% of the population you will delete almost every e-mail without reading any more than the first few lines.

The poor response rate from e-mail advertising campaigns has led many direct copywriters back to snail mail. Of course, that’s no real sure-fire method either. Think of all the junk mail you get at home now, it would be fairly safe bet that most, if not all of it, ends up in the garbage.

So, if you’re looking for the most modern up-to-date alternative marketing campaign, imagine how you’ll feel when you orchestrate a successful strategy that can instantly target over 40 million people instantly.
 SMS marketing offers you this and a heck of a lot more. On average, text messages are read within a few minutes so you can create an instant impact.

The very fact that you’re reading this means that you are looking for alternative and let’s face it, sooner or later you’re going to take advantage of the benefits that SMS broadcasting can bring to your business today.
 Just take a look at what you can do:

  • Generate subscriptions
  • Send call to action messages
  • Send special offers with Mobile coupons
  • Use touch screen technology to interact with your customers

And that’s just for starters … One of the reasons SMS marketing works so well is that there was hardly anything in greater demand than easy, understandable, information about really important things. Time-poor consumers these days want to get the important information fast. If you can give them the lowdown on any subject quickly and directly, if they’re ready to buy they’ll do it right there and then.

It’s like an information version of fast food, except that the most modern technology allows you to personalize your campaign with tokens such as first name, last name or city. The pulling power this generates a leisure to become a mobile marketer in minutes.

One of the best things about mounting a mobile marketing campaign is that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg. Most companies will allow you a free trial, or you can design a test campaign that sends messages to as little as 1000 mobile devices for a very reasonable price. You can dip your toe in the water and test results before you commit yourself to full campaign.

If you find a marketing campaign that meets your needs it’s easy to expand and extend it as far as you want, and you can even build up a valuable database for future use.

Source: Ben Richards, Contributing Editor,

Color and Brand Go Hand-in-Hand

Color and brand go hand-in-hand … when we designed the Conveyance logo and designed and built our website, we put a lot of thought into what we would be saying through color.

Our business name is represented in two different tones of blue. Blue depicts productivity; people focused on the task at hand, steadfastness, dependability, wisdom and loyalty. That is what we look for in our team.

Orange is used as a big, bold accent in our logo and predominantly on our website; it screams ambition, energy and fun times. We wouldn’t be business owners if we didn’t have a heavy dose of ambition and trust me on this … we are a lot of fun. Our motto: family, fun, work (in that order!)

Green is a subtle accent; it depicts growth, harmony, support and well-paced energy. This too speaks to our team and our ambition – we have ambition but we don’t want to grow too fast and be too flashy – we want balance.

What got me thinking about the psychology of color was a story I read in Yahoo! the other day. The article spoke about Queen Victoria’s choice to wear a white wedding dress. At the time, brides didn’t wear white – not because they weren’t virtuous, it just wasn’t in style. Brides of her day wore red, purple and black!

She chose white strictly for psychological or perhaps political reasons. She wanted to show her people that she would run the country in an economical way. White was a much less expensive color to make. Plus, it gave her the option of using some lace that she already owned, rather than having something specially made.

Today we associate white with creativity, purity, cleanliness and safety. Color conceptions change with time … you can be sure that Conveyance will be on top of it!

Knowing Your Customer is so Important

Knowing your customer is so important … that sounds like a no-brainer right? Well, I have run into so many businesses that just don’t take this to heart – both large and small companies! While you may have thousands of names and contact information to keep track of, your clients only has one – YOURS!

Just today I received a “Pull-Ups News” email from leading manufacturer Kimberly-Clark Corporation. I have to tell you that my kids haven’t been in Huggies Diapers or Pull-Ups for at least ten years. I have actually unsubscribed from this eNewsletter several times over the past ten years too. And, to no-avail … they keep sending me that eNewsletter.

I do recall filling out an online registration form when my first child was born – so I could earn Huggies Points. The Huggies Points promotion was great, but before baby number two was into Pull-Ups, the promotion was all over. Between that time, Kimberly Clark had collected enough information about me to know how many children I had, their ages, their sexes and where they were in the potty-training cycle. You’d think they would know when to stop sending me “Pull-Ups News.”

We have to leverage every customer we have in order to keep our business going and growing. Meeting your customer’s needs is important, but knowing them and what they need is essential. You need to know your customer and what their needs are pertaining to your business as well as they do. People find comfort in buying a product from someone they know and trust … and who knows them!

If Kimberly Clark knew their database, their eNewsletters wouldn’t be landing in my inbox and reminding me of what bad marketers they are!

Networking 101

A long time ago when I was a new working mother, I read everything I could find on work-life balance. I ran across one piece of advice that I have taken to heart and practice like a religion.

Schedule and reach out to your VIPs once a month

Make a list of the people you wanted to keep in contact with and put them into your calendar and reach out to them once a month (or more depending upon the relationship!) This may sound calculating but as busy professionals there is always another project or deadline that is going to push our networking time to the side.

I do this as a career success strategy and also for the sake of work-life balance. The connections those calls and coffee breaks maintained have blossomed into great friendships and a stealthy second sales team for my business.

Is it September Yet???

Conveyance is a “virtual marketing organization” or as we say for short around here, “a VMO.” Each of us work from our homes or small shared office spaces in our own cities. We look, act and feel like we are just a few steps from each other in an adjoining cubes or offices. But our office mates are our children and/or pets.

I have the luxury of working from my home … my office mates are my children and my dogs. Most days are smooth sailing but come then end of August, when camps are winding down, friends are squeezing in last minute vacations, and anxiety over new teachers and classmates is at an all time high … September can’t come soon enough.

Don’t get me wrong … I wouldn’t trade our VMO for the world. Even though it’s 24/7 and I never get to go home, I work on my own schedule and I am able to accommodate so many more client requests because of this flexibility!

I am also teaching my kids good work ethic and how to balance family and career – invaluable tools for our future generation of professionals.

Outsourcing Marketing Leads to Better Quality and Lower Costs

The idea of outsourcing marketing, at least beyond advertising, is a relatively new concept. Businesses traditionally outsource several corporate functions such as IT and HR but why has it taken marketing so long to catch on?

I think it’s the old right-brain vs. left-brain adage … in this information age where one-to-one marketing has become a mainstay, companies are looking outside their four walls for the left-brain analytical skills that are often lacking within their in-house marketing departments.

New lead generation and communications strategies and tactics are being employed and rely heavily on analytics to spotlight trends and move prospects in the right direction.

Most companies don’t use dinosaur mass marketing tools to reach prospective customers any longer, we customize our messaging to suite the individual prospect. How many of you still use direct mail? I am pretty sure that very few of your still do, most of us use drip campaigns and microsites to target messaging – right?

Still, your CMO and management know your customers best and they should be ultimately responsible for your marketing strategy. But outsourcing the tactics and analytics is a recommended alternative. Just remember … your outsourced marketing agent or agency should be seen as a partner … or your left-arm, in order to get the best results.

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