Power Words to Capture your Audience!

Power Words

Act Now! Exclusive Offer! Promise! Guarantee! All of these words are used in the selling process to evoke emotion or establish a connection from company to audience.The end goal is for you to buy their widget, their service or at a minimum “buy in” to what they are selling and what that company is about.

But when should you actually use such commanding words? Once a month? All the time to describe different products and services?

There are a ton of influential words that mean the same thing that can be used to express an offer, a promise or a make life easier but shouldn’t be used all the time. They lose their influence when constantly used in your marketing and sales presentations.

Everyone wants to be the first to have the Exclusive Offer; the VIP of all offers that may or may not be offered to the general public or a selected few target audience groups. People want that Special or Elite Offer. But not all of your products or services can be Exclusive, VIP, New or Special. Choose wisely in your marketing campaigns so you don’t over use your Power Word and lose your audience.

What about that oldie but goodie the Guarantee? Nothing makes people feel safer about a purchase than the Guarantee. The promise to deliver on what you said you would do with your products or services. But this can be a tricky one that you have to use ONLY when you are willing to stand 100 percent behind your offer and the terms of your Guarantee. This Power Word isn’t going to work if you are going to Guarantee something that can’t be Guaranteed.

In the world we live in, we are constantly looking for ways to make life easier, get this done faster. How annoyed do you get when you get the thinking circle on your computer when it is taking too long download a document, send an email or play a video online? So does your audience. If you can use Power Words such as Fast, Quick, Easy, or even No Mess, you are offering your audience “the easy way out” of life’s thinking circles. But again, not all of your products and services can offer convenience and swiftness.

Picking Power Words to enhance your marketing and sales efforts is an important part of the entire process. Pick and choose your Power Words wisely or you will come off sounding like the old fashioned idea of a Used Car Salesmen.