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Client :Vino e Amici

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Who doesn’t love a client that brings wine to meetings? Our Sommelier, Jason Meringolo and founder of Vino e Amici has an amazing story and business concept.

Growing up in an Italian family, wine was always a focus at gatherings of family and friends. But it wasn’t until Jason was involved with creating a special dinner for an Italian winemaker while working in an Italian restaurant in Miami that his passion for wine was ignited. Long before the days of the Internet, Jason headed to his local library and researched oenology, the study of wine, in order to choose the wines that would be served.

After the dinner in Miami, Jason and Marquis de Frescabaldi spent time talking about the menu and how the well the chosen wines paired with the food. Jason was immediately hooked and his enthusiasm to learn more about wine skyrocketed. Before the evening was over, Jason was given a bottle of wine from the winemaker, which remains in his personal collection and is often pointed to as the catalyst for his love of wine. When you visit Vino e Amici, you can be sure you will see this bottle proudly displayed.

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