What Does Your Font Convey?


There are millions of fonts out there, and saying the same thing while using a different font can drastically change the tone of the message. How do you choose the best font for the different platforms of marketing that will appeal to your target audience?

Font Size Does Matter

Depending on whom you are marketing to will depend on the size of the font used in your marketing message headline and for the content in the body of the message. For younger audiences, use a smaller size set at 12 to 18 point fonts for the headline and in the body of the message, use between 10 to 12 point fonts. These size fonts will not work well for your more mature audience. Increasing the size of the font to 16 to 24 points for your headline and 12 to 16 point for the remaining message will allow your older audience to read your message with ease.

Looking Good

There are so many internet browsers, computers and monitor sizes that your font may not display properly on different web platforms. Most web browsers and email databases offer just a few common fonts to choose from: Ariel, Helvetica, Trebuchet, Veranda and of course Times. These are fonts that you should use when designing/developing a website or an email newsletter to ensure your message looks as good as you intended it to.

Matching Font to Company

With so many options available, taking into consideration web and email platform, age of audience and what your company does, should have direct impact on what type of font you use to engage your prospective clients or buyers. For example, if you need to demonstrate establishment, tradition and age, you would want to use Serif fonts to convey your message. While San Serif fonts generally have a more modern, minimalist feel and convey contemporary design. A script font conveys a personal touch and are perfect anywhere that a brand wants to talk “to” and not “at” its consumers.

Final Words

If you are designing a marketing campaign that will use both web and print, make sure you are sending out a cohesive message. Using the same fonts on the different platforms of marketing creates an integrated message that creates a trustworthy image to your customer or client. If you need some guidance, we’d love to create a Style Guild for you – we’ll identify print fonts, web fonts, primary colors, complimentary colors, and logo usage (just to name a few.)