We take the branding principles of consistency, differentiation, and customer focus to heart

Creating a logo takes a lot of planning and creativity. At Conveyance, our logo creation process is all about capturing the essence of a client. Branding begins with a logo, so getting it right is extremely important.

We have six steps when we develop a logo:

  1. Researching. Once a client decides to have us design their logo, we send them what we call a “Brand Personality” worksheet. We use this worksheet to help establish the company’s likes, dislikes, and needs. When we meet with the client, we discuss the company’s operations, who their target audience is, and what expectations they have of their logo. We also get a good idea of the types of colors and typefaces that the client likes.
  2. Creating. In this stage, we start brainstorming and sketching out ideas. This step is usually the longest because we want to come up with several viable design concepts to work with. First we present a series of mood boards to the client to narrow down and define the color pallet. Next we begin sketching out ideas.
  3. Refining. After we have a variety of sketches, the Conveyance team then selects the best ideas to convert into digital format. At this point, the logos are honed in stylistically – illustrations and fonts are set and ready for digital conversion.4Presenting. Next, the new digital logos are presented to the client in grayscale. Once the client selects their favorite designs, the colors from the mood board are applied. It’s not unusual for a client to have two sets of mood board colors they want to see on the logos.
  4. Revising. Feedback, feedback, feedback! We make any changes that the client requests at this stage, including any variations they would like to see with colors, fonts, or sizing.
  5. Finalizing. When everything is perfect, the client approves their new logo and we finalize it in vector format. The client gets the logo, a business card design, and social media badges. Most importantly, a style guide detailing all the approved logo uses and the primary and secondary color pallets is provided.

A great logo will aid a business in its marketing efforts. We take the branding principles of consistency, differentiation, and customer focus to heart throughout the entire logo creation process. If your logo doesn’t meet the requirements for good branding, then it’s pointless.

If it seems like a lengthy process, you’re right! We understand the significance of having a spectacular logo when either starting a new business or rebranding an existing one.

Here are the steps from a visual perspective …

Logo Design - Mood Board Presentation

Logo Design – Sketching
Logo Design - Sketching


Logo Design – Converting to Digital
Logo Design - Converting to Digital


Logo Design – Refining of Client Selected Logo
Logo Design - Refining of Client Selected Logo


Logo Design – Final Logo
Logo Design - Final Logo


Brand Style Guide
Logo Design - Brand Style Guide

When we create a logo that launches a brand, we know we’ve done our job. Thank you Calexar for letting us use you as our example … check out their website, we did that for them too – notice how we carried the brand colors, fonts and feeling throughout that too!

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