Convey It: Rebranding Your Business


Is your brand current? Does your business need a minor or massive makeover?

Here are a few questions to help you decide if your brand is in need of a makeover … be honest with yourself.

  • Are you seeing a drop in sales?
  • Are you getting negative feedback about how your website works, looks, or the content it provides?
  • Have you added new services, or changed your business focus?
  • Does your logo convey the image you are trying to put forward?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, your business is in need of a brand makeover. We’ve put together a few articles that will help you decide if it is makeover time. Conveyance Marketing Group can help you along every step of your rebranding journey.

Is it time to re-brand?
The brand of your business is more important than simply looking good; it is about keeping your revenues and bottomline on pace with the top performers in the marketplace. If you have not taken time to update your website, marketing collateral, or brand messaging, chances are you could be leaving valuable business opportunities on the table. Read more.

New year, new website
Your website is your shop window to the world so if you’re not using it to directly sell, you’re missing out on a lot of customers and opportunities. Prospects visit your website to gain insight on who and what your business is all about, so make sure your website is sending the right message.  Read more.

5 Awesome content repurposing sites to reach new audiences
Unfortunately, a lot of marketers overlook the potential of content to be quickly repurposed and repackaged for a different platform of distribution. You could be missing out on huge traffic streams if you don’t know how to make your content visible to some of the most engaged and active online communities on the Internet. Read more.

How and why to review your marketing plan
No plan is perfect. No matter how solid your assumptions are and how thorough you are in putting together your plan. Reviewing your plan on a regular basis is so critical to your success that you should schedule review dates. Read more.

6-step roadmap to rebranding
Thinking about rebranding? The following these six steps can help you launch a successful rebranding effort. Read more.