Social Media Through the Eyes of Generation Z

Guest Blog from an Actual Gen Z’er, Jessi Adler

Born sometime between the mid-1990s and early 2000s, Generation Z is a demographic that’s understood by almost no one, including ourselves. Although some of us were born into a world where the Internet was in its infancy, our generation is sandwiched between the generation that had to learn to use the Internet and one that has never known life without it. The Internet was introduced to the world about the same time we were, so that means that as we took our first steps, so was the Internet; email, for example, was JUST taking the world by storm.

When we started school, the Internet gave us educational games. Now we are starting our adult lives as the smartest we’ve ever been, and our friend the Internet is right by our side, getting smarter and smarter every day.

Because we’re not afraid of the World Wide Web, Generation Z tends to see it and its capabilities differently. For example, there is a large, and noticeable gap between older and new generations when it comes to social media. Only a portion of Baby Boomers use social media, and those that do, mainly stay on Facebook.

Generation X’ers are trying to adapt, many have Facebook, a few have Instagram and/or Twitter, but sometimes its a guessing game as to what they are doing, their IT Help Desk is their kids. This is completely not the case when it comes to Generation Z. Our world practically revolves around Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr, and so many other social media platforms. However, it’s not just the time we spend using them that sets us apart, it’s also HOW we use them.

Not only are new generations more savvy when it comes to social media, but we tend to express ourselves differently depending on which account we are using, tailoring content to fit the image we want to portray on that account. For example:


When Generation Z uses Facebook, many of us display ourselves as our parent’s dream child, getting good grades, going to great schools, hanging out with the family, volunteering, being star athlete, and exploring the world without getting too crazy. We are friends with our family, old teammates, and neighbors, some co-workers from that Summer internship, and maybe a few former teachers, a random mix of people that we may or may not really care about. We don’t spend too much time on Facebook, usually just enough to show the world we have life under control, to see Grandma’s recent golf trip, be poked by someone you didn’t even know we were friends with, and watch a few dozen cute animal videos.


This photo-driven app is a little more relaxed that Facebook. Typical Generation Z Instagram users follow tech savvy family members that have accounts, almost all of our friends, a few semi-famous people that are only famous because they are pretty, and maybe the more interesting contingency of our Mom’s friends. Instagram for Generation Z is all about doing cool, exciting things and getting “spontaneous” pictures (even though our friend probably risked life and limb to get that “natural” angle and light). The goal is to show people that you have life under control, and making the times you lose control, photogenic.


The fast pace and restricted word count aren’t the only things that makes Twitter the Cliff Notes of social media. This is where the sarcastic wide-range of personalities that flood our screens comes to life. In a Universe filled with humor, the Twittersphere is where the true nature of Generation Z comes out. It is all about being funny and relatable to the average young millennial or Gen Z. With primarily close friends as our audience, we feel more comfortable saying what we really mean; and just might have to run away from home if our parents took a peek at our Twitter. Unlike the other two social media platforms, for Generation Z, Twitter is all about embracing the truth; the actual fact that we have no idea what is going on or exactly what we are doing.

So there you have it, Generation Z has many faces; we’ll happily show them to you, but make sure you’re following us on any and all apps so you don’t miss our new favorite cat video.

Social media through the eyes of a gen z

Social Media Tips

What Should You Really Be Posting on Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter?

It may seem silly, but do you have a unique strategy for every social media outlet? Followers on every channel expect different things. Some want more behind-the-scenes details while others may be looking for tips or inspirational quotes. If you’re posting the same thing everywhere, there’s a good chance that you are wasting your time.


Go behind the scenes. Facebook users want to know what’s going on behind your professional persona.

Facebook Behind the scenes postsFacebook Post Behind the scenes photos

Inspire and motivate. People troll Facebook all day long – at their desks, on the way home from work, and while cooking dinner. They appreciate positive thoughts and tips.

Facebook Post Quotes

Show them you’re the expert. Your Facebook followers are following you for a reason. Reinforce that reason every once and a while with informative blog posts and links to other quality content you’ve created. And yes, it’s fine to recycle content as long as you space it out!

Facebook Post Your BlogsFacebook Post Your Blogs2


Set up a killer, cohesive profile. Instagram is the most visual platform, so ensure that your profile is eye-catching and a perhaps little quirky.

Instagram Page layout

Be different. What should you do on a platform that’s very visual? Give them stuff to read! Be charming. Be witty. Be funny. Just don’t be boring.

Instagram Post funny quotesInstagram Post Tips


Relay simple tips. Keep them “snackable” and make sure that they relate to what you do – and how you do it.

Twitter Tweet TipsDemonstrate that you’re on top of your game. Again, you want to prove to your followers that you not only know what you are doing, but that you are on top of everything that is going on in your industry.

Twitter Talk about Your Industry
Illustrate that you care. Because of hashtags, Twitter is the perfect place to shout-out other businesses and people in your community. People care that you care.

Twitter Give a ShoutOut

Think happy thoughts. Since Twitter isn’t as visual as the other social media channels, mix in quotes that are either encouraging or helpful.

Twitter Tweet Quotes

Keep them in the loop. Announce new content, events, or business changes so that your followers feel like they know everything that’s going on with your business.

Twitter Tweet Your BlogWhen in doubt, hire it out.

Like it or not, social media is an integral part of today’s business environment. Customers look to social media to validate your business, see what you’re doing, and interact with you. If you don’t have time to post or aren’t posting what your audience wants to see, you may actually be hurting your business.

If you need a social media strategy or simply help implementing one, give Conveyance a call. We know what to post, when to post it, and on what platform. We can help build your brand and convey your message – all without you having to emoji, hashtag, or “like” a single thing.

2017 Instagram Marketing Trends You Need to Know

Instagram is capturing and sharing the world’s moments … are you onboard?

When Mark Zuckerberg purchased Instagram in 2012, many people thought he was crazy. Now as we approach the five-year anniversary of that acquisition in April, Zuckerberg must be pretty amused. When he bought the fledgling company, it boasted approximately 30 million users. As we closed out 2016, it had hit over 500 million – and it’s still growing.

Instagram is a mecca for visual storytelling, it presents a prime opportunity to market yourself and your business. Just like any social media, it is changing rapidly to meet market demands. You have to stay on top of trends and have a solid strategy in place if you want to use it successfully.

2017 Instagram Trends to Watch

    1. Enhanced Business Tools
      In 2016, the Company unveiled new business tools to help business owners and marketers better manage their Instagram marketing efforts. The tools provided analytics on post engagement, company profiles, and a way to quickly turn a popular post into an advertisement. Instagram also recently allowed users to create (and manage) multiple accounts – making branding efforts much simpler if you need to market different lines of your business separately. In 2017, features dealing especially with analytics and ads will be brought online. The more you know, the better you can align your strategy to what resonates with your audience.
    2. Clickable Links
      Links have been a sore subject when it comes to Instagram. Traditionally, you would see “Link in bio!” written everywhere because links were only allowed in bios. Look for more link opportunities in 2017. Links are already appearing in Instagram Stories for verified users. Keep an eye out for links in photos – and hopefully unverified users – this year.
    3. Videos
      There’s no doubt that Zuckerberg loves video content. With the Boomerang app, businesses can create 1-second GIF-like videos that loop on the site. You can also upload videos of up to 60 seconds now, with more changes undoubtedly coming soon. Videos are an amazing way to promote your business. If you are considering one, think about doing one that is silent. Many social media users prefer videos with subtitles or text narration in lieu of voice-overs and music.
    4. Stories
      Some people believe that Instagram Stories is going to wipe out Snapchat in 2017. While that’s a long-shot, we think that it will definitely steal a large number of users. Instagram has added filters and stickers to Stories, enabled users to tag others in some situations, and allowed for photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. Links within verified accounts can be seen by swiping “See more.” If you don’t take advantage of Stories, you’re missing out on one of Instagram’s most powerful features. Just make sure that you pick a theme and stick with it; consistency is key.
    5. Storefronts
      With Instagram testing out some branded product tags recently, we can only believe that shopping will get more and more user-friendly in the app. If they allow more product-tagging in 2017, users may never have to leave the website to buy your product with detailed product views and “Shop Now” buttons. Instagram is such a visual app that shopping is inevitable. Watch closely to see what new ways consumers can find your products in 2017.

With a little planning and a lot of watching, Instagram can become a powerful part of your social media arsenal in 2017. Track user engagement – not just likes – to see what works and what doesn’t. Set a visual theme for your business, take advantage of Stories, and be prepared to make some videos. This year is the year to engage your customers, and Instagram is giving you just the right platform to do it.

Event Promotion and Strategy Part 2: Customer Appreciation Events

Why hold a Customer Appreciation Event?

Customer Appreciation Events are a fantastic way to retain business, impress new clients, and thank loyal customers. Just like other marketing events, a successful appreciation party requires smart planning and agile coordination.

Your event should be a celebration of your business and its clientele. It’s not a time to up-sell clients or pre-sell a new product. An exceptional event will solidify your relationship with your customer base, and it will remind them why they do business with your company in the first place.

How can I create a memorable event?

Planning – Start planning your event at least three months before the event date.

  • Define your goals and ask yourself why you are having the event. Will you be celebrating a holiday, a business milestone, or making a big announcement? Even though you are thanking clients, it helps to plan the event around a secondary theme or cause – charitable or not.
  • Find collaborators – either professional or within your organization – to help you coordinate every detail.
  • Set a budget and the date.
  • Hire a professional photographer and videographer.
  • Decide on whether or not you would like to bring sponsors into the mix to augment prizes and giveaways.
  • Select the venue, caterer, and decorator (if necessary).
  • Choose what role you want your employees to play. Will they mingle with the guests or will they serve as hosts?

Advertising – If no one shows up, the event will be a bust.

  • Prepare the guest list. If you can afford it, ask clients to invite friends. Inviting suppliers may also be astute; they will sing your praises as they mingle with guests.
  • Hire a skilled company to design your invitations. We recommend sending both printed online invites point guests to a link on your website to RSVP.
  • Send out reminders for the event – at least two – so that no one forgets.
  • Design giveaways and thank-you gifts that are cohesive with your business and branding.
  • Send out thank-you notes after the event to show your appreciation.

Flow – Even the best venue can have bottlenecks when it comes to moving clients throughout the experience you have planned for them.

  • Make sure that every person encounters the event in a way that makes sense and targets special places.
  • Put gifts and other marketing materials in spots that are visible and easily accessible.

Entertainment – Most venues don’t come with their own entertainment. When hiring an act, make sure that you keep your client demographic in mind.

  • Think outside the box. Customers have different tastes in music, so it’s often best to find another method of entertainment. Consider wine or beer tastings, scavenger hunts, carnival games, or a movie night.

Tracking – If you want to know if your event is successful, you have to set up a way to track its return on investment (ROI).

  • Require RSVPs. If you don’t know who is coming, then it will be impossible to judge your ROI.
  • See how sales stack up with guests who attended the event every quarter versus those who didn’t.
  • Record new customers that stemmed from friends brought to the event or through referrals of attendees.

Customer Appreciation Events are an integral part of every marketing strategy. Just be sure to make a good impression! Bad events can turn customers away just as easily as good ones can make clients loyal for life.

Checkout the 30th Anniversary customer appreciation event we helps to organize and promote for Sunrise Landscape + Design … it was a lot of fun!

Instagram for Business: What You Need to Know

New changes are going to make Instagram an even bigger social media player

There’s no doubt that Instagram is putting its own stamp on social media marketing for businesses. They have more than 200,000 active advertisers and tout that half of their users follow at least one business user. With those statistics in hand, Instagram is finally stepping up to cater to its business clientele, much like Facebook did years ago.
Along with testing a new algorithm that will prioritize feeds based on what they think users want to see (instead of simply showing posts in reverse chronological order), Instagram is making three major changes to encourage business users to not only use Instagram, but advertise on it as well.

New Profiles

Business users who have a verified business page on Facebook will be able to upgrade and convert their accounts to ones with more customer-friendly features and Facebook-like analytics. With the touch of a button, customers will be able to contact businesses via phone, email, or text, and they will also be able to get directions to the business, when applicable.


With the new profiles, Instagram has added Insights for its businesses customers to get real analytics about their posts and followers. Followers are broken down by age range and the average time spent on Instagram every day. Every post also has statistics on the number of impressions (the total number of times your post has been seen), its reach (the number of unique accounts that have seen your post), and its engagement (the number of likes and comments on your post). You can also sort your posts by impressions in order to see what posts are getting seen the most – which is especially important as the new algorithm is tested and everyone is unsure of how posts will be prioritized. The Insights analytics are designed to be mobile-friendly, catering to small- and medium-sized businesses who are more prone to make advertising decisions on the go.

Easy Ad Creation

Again with the ease of mobile use in mind, Instagram will allow users to turn popular posts into ads directly from its app with the push of a button. There will even be advertising suggestions based on a business’s audience and budget.

Instagram has already been a force to reckon with for businesses, but these new changes are going to undoubtedly make it an even bigger social media player. The new profiles, analytics, and ad tools will be rolling out within the next couple of months in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand, and will be available all over the world by the end of 2016. In the meantime, spend a little time sprucing up your Facebook business profile since that will serve as the impetus for your new Instagram profile.

If you need any help maneuvering these new changes or even just establishing your business on Instagram, contact us at Conveyance today. We’d love to help you convey your message.

Conveyance Marketing Group is a marketing and web development company with a passion for delivering strategic, sustainable and affordable marketing and web solutions to start-ups and small businesses. Our service offerings include video, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), inbound marketing, graphic design, logo design, advertising and web design. Our creativity is limitless, let us help accelerate the growth of your company! Contact us today for more information on how we can help you.

Reputation Management and Social Media

The right social media strategy manages your online reputation.

I recently came across a quote from Steve Dorfman, Founder of Driven to Excel, a company that helps businesses improve their customer experience. It said, “You can either affect your online reputation or be at the affect of it.” It brought up a great point:

When social media changed the landscape of what a company’s online presence should look like, it also changed the idea of reputation management as a whole. There’s no longer a trickle-down approach when it comes to a company’s interaction with their customers. Customers now have the power to tweet, retweet, share, and comment on anything your business says, does, or produces. And, the scary thing is that it’s easy to do and even easier for others to see.

Here are Five Keys to Managing Your Reputation Through Social Media

  1. Claim your online space. As a company, you need to approach your online space like you’re a settler of the New World. You need to have a legitimate business presence on every social media outlet, from Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram to Twitter, Vine and Pinterest. If you don’t claim your space, you’re giving someone else the chance to do it.
  2. Know your target audience. You have to know who your customers are and what they want, and then direct all of your content towards those people. Consistency is key. A random post or comment that doesn’t fall in line with your company’s “character” can be detrimental to your brand as a whole. What to know how to target multi-generational audiences? Read our blog, Target Market Analysis – Know Your Generation.
  3. Interact with your customers intelligently. You have to be candid and sincere. If you aren’t, people will know it. Customers expect quick one-to-one interactions via social media. You have to respond to comments, especially negative ones, quickly and courteously. Ignoring a problem will just make it worse. Don’t be aggressive or defensive if someone has something negative to say; simply try to step in their shoes and craft a response that recognizes their issue and reacts to it in civilly.
  4. Proactively monitor your business. If you don’t know what people are saying about you, then you can’t respond to it. There are many tools out there that troll social media sites for you and compile what’s trending about your business – the good, the bad and the ugly.
  5. Combat the bad with SEO. Let’s be honest, no one is going to find something if it’s on the fourth page of Google. If you get your good, positive content front and center, then it’s less likely that someone will find the negative comment lurking on page four of Google, Yahoo or Bing.

A solid social media strategy is the best way to control your reputation. You can shape the way the public sees you and your business by merely influencing your online information. Like Steve says, if you don’t shape it yourself, then you are basically letting someone else do it for you – and that person may not be one of your biggest fans.

Conveyance Marketing Group is a marketing and web development company with a passion for delivering strategic, sustainable and affordable marketing and web solutions to start-ups and small businesses. Our service offerings include video, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), inbound marketing, graphic design, logo design, advertising and web design. Our creativity is limitless, let us help accelerate the growth of your company! Contact us today for more information on how we can help you.

Maximize your Twitter Marketing

Quality content, thoughtful wording, and smart engagement will bring you success

“Hashtags” have become part of our vernacular. Second only to Facebook, Twitter has changed the face of social media with just 140 characters. You can tweet, retweet, and comment on a variety of topics – ranging from a coworker’s commuting rant to a selfie from Pope Francis.

Businesses use Twitter as a way to boost sales and promote brand awareness. It’s a great way to distribute content and establish your company’s voice. As with all social media, you have to implement a strategy in order to be successful.

Here are Conveyance’s Top 10 Ways to Maximize your Twitter Marketing:

  1. Complete and optimize your profile. It’s easy to impersonate others online, so it’s imperative to thoroughly complete your profile and link to your website and/or blog. Your profile is the first place users will look to decide whether or not your business is legitimate. Top off your page with an engaging bio and pin the tweets that best summarize your business.
  2. Use hashtags. Challenges and contests that get your customers to interact with you via a common hashtag are a great way to boost visibility. Also, there are tools like that can help you find trending hashtags to utilize in your tweets.
  3. Use pictures. Tweets with images get approximately 20 percent more clicks, approximately 90 percent more likes, and more than double your retweet rate.
  4. Use keywords. A good rule of thumb is to come up with a set of five-to-six keywords that best describe your business, and then use at least one of these words in each of your tweets.
  5. Follow influencers. Be smart in who you follow. Just following random people to boost your numbers is a great way to associate yourself with people or businesses that may counteract the image your business is trying to convey.
  6. Build quality followers. Spend some time looking for quality, active followers. And once you connect, interact with them. The more engaged you are with your followers, the more they will engage with you. And, if you are looking for leads, try Twitter cards.
  7. Set a schedule. Make sure you’re active (at least one tweet a day) and you maintain a consistent voice for your brand. Block out time in your day for social media or hire a firm that will manage it for you.
  8. Provide quality content. If you aren’t providing quality content to your audience, then you’re wasting your time. Don’t extol your own praises every day! Produce and share content that benefits your audience; use those 140 characters wisely.
  9. Interact with other good content. The golden rule applies: “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” And, remember to be polite!
  10. Engage. Use search functions on tools like HootSuite to figure out what your audience is talking about. Then, engage with them by providing intelligent advice.

Twitter is all about making connections. Quality content, thoughtful wording, and smart engagement will bring you success. If you need help conveying your message, contact Conveyance Marketing Group today.

Conveyance Marketing Group is a marketing and web development company with a passion for delivering strategic, sustainable and affordable marketing and web solutions to start-ups and small businesses. Our service offerings include video, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), inbound marketing, graphic design, logo design, advertising and web design. Our creativity is limitless, let us help accelerate the growth of your company! Contact us today for more information on how we can help you.

The 7 Habits of Effective Social Media Marketing

We’ve all heard of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. You can find 7 Habits of Happy Kids, 7 Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs, and 7 Habits of Successful Pirates if you do a simple Google search.

In honor of Covey’s simple, yet effective managerial wisdom, we’ve come up with our own time-saving version:

7 Habits of Effective Social Media Marketing

  1. Have a plan. Social media needs a strategy and that strategy should be cohesive with your overall marketing plan. When you approach social media, you need to have some basic knowledge about your business, the marketplace, and your target audience. What are your competitors doing? Who is your target market? How do you attract customers? The answers to these basic questions will help you develop your strategy.
  2. Mind your brand. How is your business perceived in the marketplace? Your social media strategy needs to seamlessly blend with all of your marketing communications. If it doesn’t, you will be confusing customers, and confused customers don’t turn into buyers. Voice, message, fonts, colors, and images all need to appear to come from the same source.
  3. Be positive. The general rule of thumb is to be positive. No one wants to see you complain about customers or argue with them online. You don’t need to reiterate your legal contract under a negative review. Just keep it upbeat. Of course, this exchange between Wendy’s and Burger King is hilarious, but for your business, keep yourself out of the weeds – it’s easier to breathe there.
  4. Find your voice. Finding your voice is part of finding and maintaining your brand. Your voice needs to represent your company and it needs to speak to your target audience. Social media has a short shelf life. Consumers aren’t going to follow your Twitter feed or your Facebook page if you bore them to death with content they don’t care about.
  5. Listen and interact. Nothing is better to a customer than actually getting a reply from a social media post. Interaction breeds engagement, and engagement breeds social media success.
  6. Use experts. If you don’t have someone in-house that has social media expertise, then you may need to hire an outside marketing firm. Telling random employees to post on Facebook and Twitter isn’t going to get you very far. Good marketing companies will be able to bothy boost your search engine optimization while meeting your social media goals.
  7. Have goals! Track your progress. A knowledgeable marketing company will show you results. Using tracking software like Google Analytics and True Social Metrics will help you see which avenues are effective and which aren’t. It’s important to keep on top of what works and what doesn’t.

Covey knew how valuable time is to a small business owner. Social media without a plan is ineffective and a huge waste of it. If you follow our 7 habits, social media can be an extremely effective tool in your marketing arsenal and well worth your time.

This blog post is dedicated to my daughters who I “made” listen to The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People during our Spring Break car ride from Washington, DC to Boston. They loved it and it inspired me to write this post.

Conveyance Marketing Group is a marketing and web development company with a passion for delivering strategic, sustainable and affordable marketing and web solutions to start-ups and small businesses. Our service offerings include video, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), inbound marketing, graphic design, logo design, advertising and web design. Our creativity is limitless, let us help accelerate the growth of your company! Contact us today for more information on how we can help you.

10 Tips to Create the Perfect LinkedIn Profile

The best way to network and connect with other businesses is through LinkedIn. With more than 100 million users in the US, LinkedIn boasts that approximately 75 percent of its user base is employed by large companies – those having more than 1,000 employees. LinkedIn also finds itself with more members in the 30-64 age range than its social media cohorts.

The most important thing to do on LinkedIn is to set up, and maintain your profile.
10 Tips to Create the Perfect LinkedIn Profile, Marketing Strategy, Social Media

Here are our 10 tips to creating a professional LinkedIn profile.

  1. Make sure to mention the industry you work in. Simply indicating your industry can get you 15 times more views.
  2. Use a professional headshot. Statistics show that profiles with photos get an average of 14 times more views.
  3. Write a background summary of 40 words or more to improve your visibility in an employer search. Your summary is your biography – use it to sell yourself, plant keywords, and describe your business.
  4. Publish content! The more blogs and graphics you post, the more you will be noticed.
  5. Be specific with your employment. Treat the experience section like a résumé. The more details you can add regarding your tasks and responsibilities, the better.
  6. Ask for recommendations from clients and peers to boost credibility. This will boost your credibility, especially if the people reviewing you have their own LinkedIn profiles.
  7. Indicate your areas of expertise. It’s great to specify your skills on LinkedIn because other members can then endorse them. It’s just one more way that LinkedIn allows others to legitimize your business and experience. You can include up to 50 and order them to your liking.
  8. State your volunteer experience. According to a LinkedIn survey, 42 percent of hiring managers look at volunteer experience in the same light as paid work experience. Give details of accomplishments and duties in this section, as well as any titles or board positions with organizations.
  9. Detail your educational achievements. You never know when a potential client may be looking for alumni!
  10. Participate in relevant LinkedIn groups. The groups you participate in show up in your profile, so make sure that they are cohesive to your business.

Following these 10 easy steps will set you up perfectly to be found by other professionals, recruiters, and potential clients.  The more time and effort you put into your profile, the better your chances of making meaningful connections.

Conveyance Marketing Group is a marketing and web development company with a passion for delivering strategic, sustainable and affordable marketing and web solutions to start-ups and small businesses. Our service offerings include video, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), inbound marketing, graphic design, logo design, advertising and web design. Our creativity is limitless, let us help accelerate the growth of your company! Contact us today for more information on how we can help you.

Convey It: Instagram, Use it for Your Business!

Instagram is a critically important in branding your business

If you’re reading this post, you’ve already realized one fundamental fact: Instagram is a critically important social network. As one of the most effective brand-building tools available today, this photo-sharing app is increasingly important for every kind of business.

Instagram is now a hub where regular people find (and judge) the visual identity of a business. Without a strong Instagram presence, companies risk being ignored or forgotten, especially among the next generation of consumers. Among American teens and twenty-somethings, Instagram is actually considered the single most important social network.

For some, Instagram may not be the most advantageous platform. And if you only have time to manage a couple social media sites, you may not be able to justify adding another one. And that’s ok. Instagram may not be for you right now. But, we still recommend you read this post and consider the benefits of using this site. It may be something you want to join in the future.

5 Ways to Win on Instagram in 2016

Instagram allows brands the opportunity to tell a story and ultimately share their products, services, and culture with the world. A lot of the time, we’ll see companies making the mistake of using Instagram like they would another social platform, given its unique and visually-captivating nature, there are certain guidelines and best practices that make it unlike the other social platforms. To make sure your Instagram strategy is optimized for success, consider these 5 strategies.

10 Companies Winning at Instagram Advertising

Instagramers are unhappy with the addition of ads, why you may ask? Because advertisers are treating these platforms much like a regular banner or side bar ads, with text and promotions. Instagram isn’t the space to disrupt, it’s the space to blend in and share beautiful things to entice users organically rather then forcefully (which leads to pushing them away). These 10 brands are getting it right … learn from the winners.

13 Apps for Marketing Your Business on Instagram

Instagram marketing has come a long way from when users just took a photo in the app and added a filter. Now, there are entire apps dedicated to editing Instagram photos. To help you sort through all the apps you need to make your business look amazing on social media, here is a quick list.

How and Why to Use Instagram for Your Business

Instagram makes a strong case, if you’re interested in raw numbers and unique appeal. Instagram has 200 million active users and provides a huge asset for visual content, which we all know is driving social like none other. It’s among the top 10 most popular smartphone apps with growth nearly doubling that of every other social platform. Here are the hard numbers.

How to Find the Perfect # on Instagram

When it comes down to crafting the perfect caption to go with your photos, you may find yourself glossing over one of the most important aspects of Instagram: the hashtag. Finding the perfect hashtag can seem overwhelming, but Instagram actually makes it very easy to find the best ones for your posts.

Conveyance Marketing Group is a marketing and web development company with a passion for delivering strategic, sustainable and affordable marketing and web solutions to start-ups and small businesses. Our service offerings include video, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), inbound marketing, graphic design, logo design, advertising and web design. Our creativity is limitless, let us help accelerate the growth of your company! Contact us today for more information on how we can help you.